Gaming Laptop and Steam Help Questions


Recently a final straw was drawn in dealing with my wonky cables bringing the internet across my house and into my desktop rig. I often have internet trouble but this type of trouble I feel I should be able to deal with soundly and NOT BE AN ISSUE. My WiFi is good and usable, but nevertheless the wires and hubs and cables repeatedly fail on me and necessitate a long session of unplugging and replugging wires until somehow they decide to go ahead and put the net through to me again…no logic or reason to it. One minute they work and the next they don’t. The official day of T4 and Behemoth’s release my wires shrugged and said NO INTERNET FOR YOU and for the next 2 days despite my having internet ability, I was dead in the water. Thus, the final straw was drawn. I don’t want to deal with cables again. Other people have brought gaming laptops to my house and had no issues using WiFi…

Long story short, I am now in the market for a gaming laptop. I have never owned a gaming laptop rig before so I’m rather new in my quest. This is the unit I have been favoring: but I am all open to suggestions in the $1,000-$1,500 range. I mainly need it for Evolve, Minecraft, lesser games, and WiFi internet only. As long as I’m getting a gaming laptop though, I figure I might as well get a unit that can play Evolve on higher settings than low like my desktop…not that there’s anything wrong with that, as the game is a beauty even on low, so I am looking for a rather current laptop and not something older or refurbished. I don’t really need future-proofing as Evolve is IT for me. I would like to watch DVDs on it. Right now my desktop rig has a Nvidia GTX 750 Ti EVGA Superclocked 2GB edition with an i7-920 quad 2.67 ghz and 4GB ram.

Ok, so when I get my laptop, whatever that shall be, do I just download Steam onto it with my passwords and can then download my games onto said laptop? Then, is it as easy as signing in to My2K on the laptop as well to re-gain all of my DLC? Or do I have to create a new account and set up a family share or something? When I download my games onto my laptop does all that DLC go with it and all of my progressions etc. remain the same? If I play on my laptop, does my progression there reflect back on my desktop too? I’ve never had two computers running the same Steam account so I don’t really know what to expect.


I can run evolve on my Lenovo Y50 just fine, with high graphics. And minecraft. It is pretty good, good quality, looks cool, and I got it on for 900$. Obviously you can probably find better. The steam thing, basically what will happen (unless you use family share) is you will boot up the laptop and have to download the games/DLCs. I had Borderlands 2 GOTY on my desktop, and have all of it and the DLCs on my laptop now, no fuss. Just gotta get through the download time. Good luck!


I only became familiar with family share recently and don’t really understand it and don’t know if I exactly need it? Nobody plays my games or uses my steam account ever, I just didn’t know if that applies here or not when having 2 rigs. Seems like…no? So i just download steam w/my info., my games will show up in the library…I download those, and then link Evolve with My2K for the DLC and maintaining progression as I play on either rig? So it is as easy as just waiting on all the downloads? That’s a HUGE relief if yes.


Family Share is not necessary whatsoever. I have switched between computers and played games. Just gotta fire it up and log into steam. It is as easy as waiting.


Well, I am certainly very excited right now! I should have done this a while ago!


First of all, you will never be able to run two instances of the same steam account at once. They made sure of that.

Secondly, family sharing is something you do when someone else in the family plays games with you. You buy one copy of the game, and share it between two accounts. Allows both accounts to utilise Multiplayer at the same time. Nice, easy, but doesn’t allow for DLC sharing, sadly.

And thirdly, good luck picking a good laptop. Keep in mind to double-check if heat won’t be a problem. Heat can be really annoying, especially with thos things.

Good luck. :grin:


As LaggerCZE said family share has nothing to do with that.

Family share is for example.

Me and you are living together Sledge.I play at desktop you play at laptop.I want to play one of your games.Instead of you coming to give me your account to log-in you just give me family share and i can play with MY account YOUR games.

So steam is basically a library.Once you download the steam and log-in with your Steam Account all your games will be there just not installed.You will need to download them again.

So another tip i’d like to give you.If it is possible don’t buy gaming laptops.Yeah they are good if you are constantly on the-go but Desktops>Laptops ANYTIME.Your gaming laptop will eventually stop performing good after couple of years just because its a laptop.
I see you have a problem with cables and stuff.Isn’t it easy to just open new DSL holes to bring the modem wherever you gaming?And you will only need a small Ethernet Cable.

Anyway just my opinion.Also yeah you will have no problem with steam whatsoever


I got a Lenovo gaming laptop and Evolve runs great on it (medium settings) for a reasonable price. Most games do, except explicitly next-gen games need to have adjusted settings. It has great ventilation and almost never overheats. There’s been barely any system slowdown from multi-tasking, like a decent desktop. I’d recommend one, but do your homework - Lenovo likes to pre-install borderline malware.


As far as I know, family share doesn’t allow you to play together/at the same time. It lets you play a game in someone else Steam Library as long as they aren’t current playing.


I have the same understanding of Family sharing as well. Another user can give you permission to play games in their library–access granted, download, and play. Any achievements earned and overall game progress are saved to your individual Steam Cloud.

@UseYourMonocle, you are correct. Also, if you are the game owner and someone you authorized is playing a game you want to, you can basically kick them off. They system will give that person the option to buy the game. If they don’t after a few minutes, they will be logged off the game.


Ah, then family share is not something I need at all, but good to know!

Also, we have tried a few things with the cables, even boosting signals and such. Unfortunately I am pretty much the only one that needs them as my husband has an older gaming laptop he uses. Family that come to the house have laptops. His sister has a relatively newer model gaming laptop. I am the main one that suffers the problems because my big server-size rig requires the cords and cables. I did attempt at one point to USB drive the WiFi with a WiFi don’t-know-whatcha-call-it but it too failed. Thing is, after I take a day of unplugging and replugging and eventually getting my system to function again the problem is forgotten until the next time, so nothing is really done about it. Rather than deal with this scenario anymore I’m taking matters into my own hands and just buying a laptop. I know it’s preferable to build a rig but mine is just fine as it is, except for the darn wires! Sounds extreme…yes, it is. But when I reach my limit things get scary.

The way the house is designed, since it is extremely old, there are only one or two outlets in any given room. All of the internet stuff is on the far side of the house and can’t easily be re-wired elsewhere. I could move my rig over to that room and plug directly into the modem but that means I won’t be in the family room with everyone but sort of in seclusion. Nobody uses the room the internet cables come in through, lol, and it’s mainly for storage. My house is 80 some years old and contains fabric covered wires throughout the main structure, except in areas (like that room) where the wiring is newer/safer. Re-wiring the house is something we are getting to slowly over time. It’s not as easy as wiring a standard house because this house has thick wood walls that don’t allow for fishing of wiring through them…the walls themselves have to be totally removed. It’s complicated, but that’s really why I can’t easily change around the house wiring system.


I can play Evolve comfortably on this:

…Don’t laugh!


Gaming Laptop? You sure Sledge? You said you dislike the cables so you don’t wish to use ethernet anymore.

I would say just install a PCI Express card onto the desktop and enjoy WiFi like that.

Some PCI-Cards:

If you’re set on getting a laptop then by all means.
I know more about desktops so I can’t help you there.


If I install one of these…my desktop would be WiFi capable?


Correct. However, I suggest researching those two things on the reviews listed as such. From what I know those are two good cards for WiFi.

The first one I believe is overall better, as advertised providing dual-band 2.4/5 GHz for downloads for 1.3 Gbps

If your wallet says so, go with the triangle thing. Do read the reviews on it as I said, I think it has a little hiccup with the drivers. Also, the first one requires your router to be an AC router, do you know if it is an AC router?

EDIT: Forgot to ask another thousand questions regarding PC’s. Is your PC a custom-built or pre-built. Do you have any knowledge of taking out/installing parts onto your motherboard?


My rig is self-built, and can be opened up easily. I only have a very rudimentary knowledge of matching various parts to the motherboard so I will submit this idea to my hubby. Hey, $100 beats $1500 right? I’m game with whatever will allow me to never have to deal with unplugging and replugging cords again!



Does your motherboard have any open PCI ports?

And about your router, this is necessary. Is your router AC-chipset? If not, then the red triangle one isn’t for you. If so, then dive in.


I know I have open PCI ports, gonna need to check on that router though. That I’m not sure.


If you know the brand name and model number just send me that. I can research the thing and found out.


I’ll check into it tomorrow and get back to you, and thank you for your assistance! Greatly appreciated.