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Ok so this is mostly aimed at people who have gaming headsets. I’m planning on buying a good gaming headset for when I get a PS4, so if anyone could recommend some that work well that’d be great.

@chloe @slabomeat @macman you posted on Twitter that Turtle Beach sent you a pair of headphones, and how are they? There’s loads of stuff on their website saying how they have this new innovative surround sound feature, but does it really work? Has there ever been a time where you’ve stopped and went “ok, the monster is over there” because of the headphones?

In Need of a PC Headset

I had a pair of PS brand stereo headphones for ps3, they were really good. I have a cheap 25 buck pair of turtle beach ear force p4c’s for my ps4. Nothing fancy, but good. I may upgrade before Evolve comes out. Would definitely like to know if the surround sound would be awesome enough to drop over 150 on another pair.


I was thinking about the PX4’s, since they’re relatively cheap and are wireless, which is all I need. Plus they have surround sound which is something I hope works


A girl at gamestop told me those triforce? was real good too. But yeah, I could see myself jumping playing this or Dying Light next year…lol.


Getting mine installed this week. I’ll report back!


i recomend a px4 its made by tutle beach specifickly for the ps4 and other consoles


Do you have a pair of them?


yes they work very good the sound is perfect


Thanks for the advice, these were actually a pair I was thinking of getting. What is the surround sound like?


I’d recommend the Astro A40. It’s wireless and is used by the pros. It was ranked towards the top here and no, I’ve never really had a monster over there experience due to headphones haha :slight_smile:


Do you know what he difference is between a px4 and px22?


hers in detile about the difrences


I still can’t make my mind up. Can somebody personally recommend something?


I know you guys are talking headsets but I watch akot of vsause “mind blow” and I’m thinking how awesome it would be to add Goliath and kraken models into the sulon cortex system referred to in one of the episodes and do a backyard hunt on one of them


Just bringing this back up again, because I have no idea where to go.
Px4s seem good, although there are a lot of complaints on reviews.
I was also thinking of getting the sony gold, but I’m not sure about the quality.


I think I’m gonna give the PX4’s a go. If they aren’t any good I’ll just return them, but I think they should be alright to be honest


I haven’t tried the Turtle Beach PX4’s but they look nice for the price.

If you are looking to spend a bit more for some cans, I’ve tried and own three really nice ones.

My first choice and without a doubt the best sounding headphones by far are the Phillips X1’s.
For the money a best buy, but you have to consider that they are around $232. regularly (Slightly higher atm) and you’d need to buy a mixamp to use with a console if you wanted Dolby 7.1. Or you could just buy and adapter for $15.00 for console without Dolby. You would also need to buy a mic as they are straight phones, not a headset. They are also wired. But what a soundstage… If money wasn’t a worry, this setup is the best I’ve ever heard, especially for fps games.

Next would be the Sennheiser G4me One headset. At just under $200. they are a headset with a mic, and have that great Sennheiser sound and build quality. You would need a $15.00 adapter to use with a console or a mixamp which is more expensive if you wanted Dolby 7.1. Solid soundstage and range, with a very nice mic. The Phillips are better in every way, but this is a very good all in one and much cheaper overall.

For Wireless, a Skullcandy PLYR1 is a good choice and comes complete with Dolby 7.1 and console capability for about $180.00. I have these as my wireless and they sound great. Some complain about the build quality but I’ve used and abused mine (lol dropping, etc.) and they haven’t broken and work flawlessly. Some also complain about the sound being low or not being heard on consoles, but I do not have either problem. Sound is loud and clear and I’m told that I sound great when using them.

Try the PX4’s, but if they don’t make you happy, I can vouch for the three that I’ve listed above. I prefer the wired to wireless as far as overall sound goes and in the order that I ranked them. I will also mention that I tried the Astro A40’s that were mentioned and I didn’t like the sound quality at all. Without going into long details, they just fell way short on overall sound quality and soundstage when compared to any of the three I mentioned above, and the Phillips X1’s absolutely wiped the floor with them.

Good luck and hope you find what you are looking for.


I’d recommend the Astro A50. Although it is a bit expensive, it’s getting great reviews, and personally, I love it. It’s nearly perfect.
Oh, and Razr has plenty of great headphones, though I’m not sure if they’re PS4 compatible.
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If this was for me, then thank you! Also thanks for the headset advice. I still haven’t made my decision on what I’m buying yet, but it’s highly likely I’m gonna give the PX4’s a try


I use Steelseries Siberia Elite for PC. Them and Corsair I trust alot when it comes to PC gaming peripherals and accessories.

For the PS4 I just use the packed-in mic and ear piece, and honestly, they’ve handled chat better than I ever expected. If your preference is a headset, then any of Sony’s wireless stereo headsets are the best bang for your buck on the console market. Though if you are going wireless, then your PS4 should be hardwired.