Gaming group looking for Evolve players


We would like to invite all those interested in joining a moderated gaming group to sign up at In an effort to make the most out of EVOLVE and other games, we’ve created a gaming community to help alleviate having to join PUGs.

What is LF1M? Well as gamers, we’re always looking for one more. Games today seem to start out toxic, finding fun people to hang with and a place for all skill levels can be difficult. It seems that if you haven’t learned all of the ins and outs of the game 30 mins after it’s been released you’ll be left in the dust. Unfortunately, there’s a portion of us that just don’t have the means to “master” these games with 24 hour play sessions. LF1M wants to cater to both the hardcore dedicated player as well as the casual weekend warrior. We do this by providing a space for constructive discussions and events. We are community moderated and have a low tolerance for elitism, trolling, etc. The community is currently involved in several different games at the moment and we encourage our members to join other games and meet new people.

LF1M is about fun and meeting new friends to game with. We try to provide the tools for game groups / guilds / and clans to succeed.

If you’d like to learn more, sign up at or contact me directly at



What are those things?

PS.Besides fun its nice that you added Evolve.Hope it will be a success and Kudos for making it


Guess my name counts me out! Hah, just kidding.

This is a very honorable thing you guys are doing. Keep up the good work.


Ha! I think it’s a great name.

Thanks WiBaki. I hope so too. I’ve met some really great people throughout the years gaming and it’s a shame that when games have run their course usually those friendships do as well. Hopefully this site/community is a means to keep people together through multiple games. If you’re interested in gaming with us, stop by. Our gamevox info is listed on the front page of the LF1M site.



Just find 3 other peoples! Really ;d


We’re not looking for more for just our in game group. We’re simply looking to build a community to assist everyone else with finding groups. Nobody should have to play with bots!

I look forward to seeing some of you on launch week! We also have a Steam group setup. The link can be found within our Evolve forum.


Are you in North America or Europe ? What are your thoughts on recruiting non-english natives ?


I’m sorry, what is that supposed to mean?


I think he means for people like me that English isn’t our first language.

I mean i can speak English but not very good


Yup pretty much what I meant.


I know, I was just commenting your choise of words. :stuck_out_tongue:
Migh aswell have called us non-english peasants or something. :smiley:


I signed up :smiley: looking forward to playing with you guys!


Well I’m including myself in there, I’m a non-english peasant too and I was wondering if your team was english natives only, that’s all :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t think anyone will have a problem if you can understand and speak the basics of it.
I can understand English perfectly but i can’t speak so good.But still i make sense of what i want to say.


Yeah me too, I mostly understand american english really well, and british english a bit less because of the accent, but since I don’t make use of the language other than watching videos on youtube…

I’m not great at expressing myself as easy as I understand it because I never have the chance to talk to english people, though I never had actual issues in communicating when I had the chance, especially in evolve.

EDIT : Don’t want to derail the thread though, great thing you’re open to a variety of people then, I might contact you in some time.


The majority of us live in the US and all of our communication is currently in English. Don’t hesitate just because English isn’t your first language though.

Nice! We play a variety of games on top of Evolve, so don’t hesitate to throw a post up or join us in voice chat while we’re waiting for Evolve to launch!


LFG, tired of always getting stuck playing as the monster. Hit me up fellow hunters. Please have a mic.

XB1 ---- Label07