Gaming Etiquette


Didn’t see anyone talking about this, so let’s talk about etiquette in Evolve. Feel free to discuss what may have happened in a match, advise how to be the right kind of gamer, etc. I see too many players being rude and less than pleasant. Maybe we can fix that a bit.


I can’t remember this one guy’s gt on XB, but he was pinging everywhere on the map for no apparent reason. When my party politely asked him to stop, he starting yelling about how he could do, “whatever the f*** I want!”

So we just stood there and watched him get eaten by a tyrant.


This one acronym from breaking bad helps. DBAA don’t be an asshole.


One thing that I personally find to be irritating is when someone tells you how to play. I don’t mean offering friendly advice, but rather when you get in to a situation where if you don’t listen to the offender, you are deemed to be a moron and barrated for the remainder of the game. This typically happens during character selection, where someone tells you who to play.


That happened to me today and it irritated me beyond belief. I joined mid match. Stage 3 Wraith, coming to the power relay. I’m Markov and I’m planting mines by the doors. A guy is telling to do what I just did and this and that. I’m level 40, with many elite skins, I know how to play. I left them to their fate and placed mines elsewhere so they wouldn’t have any at all. I don’t respond well to orders like that. There’s a right way to get people to things and that wasn’t it. They lost and were mad, so I stomped the. As monster to make up for it next round. Lol


Revenge is a dish best served to Tyrants.


I don’t resort to trolling, I just let them know that I would rather communicate, and join the next game if necessary.


I treat others the way the want to be treated. Treat me badly and I assume that’s what you were wanting. I don’t troll at all, it’s different when it’s asked for.


I JUST finished a match where someone (on XB1) joined in mid-match and took over Val. He kept running away from us and refused to heal anyone. The monster eventually found us and since I only had a sliver of health as the assault, the monster took advantage and won.

Can’t wait for a Vote to Kick, or at the very leat a Vote to Timeout/Idle a player for several minutes or the rest of the match.

In the meantime I just have to take Health Regen if the medic slot is public or empty. Sad.


I think if someone doesn’t know what they’re doing it should ok to politely give them pointers, but I don’t want to see people trying to run everything and barking orders. I have other terms for it, but a nicer term is little chief syndrome. I don’t want to see so many little chiefs, they’re so annoying.


People that don’t use their abilities and miss 80% of their shots while screaming at everyone to “Get good!”

People saying the monster is OP and wondering why they are getting wrecked after having just used all of their jet fuel to get under the monster for a nice 1v1.

People with static in their mics and not muting themselves while they talk to their mom.



That’s rough. I always wonder why those people even play…


If you weren’t talking during the game, you don’t get to insult the team after the game


I have only experienced one rude player. I’ve encountered a lot of people who told me how to do better but that’s just constructive criticism. Nothing wrong with that even if they are wrong.


Hate being told what character to pick…


This is so darn true. I’ve played so many matches where It’s me and 3 Helen Kellers, then the moment we lose they all explode into vulgarity and expletives.

I offer advice where I can, and I generally get matched with friendly and communicative players, but holy hell the occasional player gets so irate I can only assume their day job is euthanasia.


Why do some hunter teams feel the need to talk trash after winning?!? And I don’t mean oh look I won. I mean talking trash about how the monster played… I played 2 matches with this group, the first I won as a Wraith and the second I lost with Behemoth. I joined in the middle of the first match and they had the Wraith domed at stage 1. I came back and won, with the weakest monster in the game. They said nothing after that match, but after they won they felt the need to critique my gaming style. Really?
So I think everyone should be able to avoid these guys so here’s their gamertags.

We do not publicly name and shame on this forum. If you have issues with specific people please keep them to yourself.

They are absolute scrum in the gaming community.
Don’t care if I’m not suppose to drop their names, people deserve the opportunity to avoid playing with these foul people.




Evolve forums doesn’t like putting people on blast. I would recommend removing their gamertags


As I said, I don’t care. People shouldn’t have to play with scum