Gaming computer


My birthday is around the corner and I would love a computer that is meant for games. Games like rust
Dayz minecraft or even evolve, that has good graphics and and good FPS. Price at least under 700, I’m open for any suggestions.


Have you used PC Part Picker before?,70000


I’m not smart with computer building
I was kind of looking for a all in one type deal.


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Personally, I just don’t recommend them. Places like iBuyPower or Cyberpowerpc will use generic brands instead of the more popular brand names so the parts won’t last as long or run as well as they should. And you’ll have to replace them around a year later.

BUT, if you don’t have anyone that you know that could help you put it together then you’re better off with those online stores than buying a PC from Best Buy or something.


Anything specific??


These don’t include monitor, keyboard, mouse or an OS but you should be able to find a build to suit you and then you can adjust it from there. That’s what I did!


Thanks dude I shall take a look


Then you’re going to have a much harder time choosing correctly. Prebuilds are generally a lot less bang for your buck.




The best value by far is in building your own PC. Commercially produced gaming pc’s will cost substantially more than a self-built PC and will still use cheaper components. Check out this website with gaming PC build guides for different price points:

If you compare their $750 build to say a $699 Alienware system there is a huge difference:

  1. A great 5th gen i5 4950 cpu vs. a 6th gen i3 cpu (i5 means 4 cores vs. 2 cores for the i3 and a huge performance difference)
  2. A decent graphics card (Radeon R9 280x which exceeds the recommended GPU for Evolve) vs. a mediocre graphics card (Nvidia GTX 745 which is minimum spec for Evolve)

What that translates to is that the Alienware PC would only be able to run Evolve using the lowest graphics settings without experiencing FPS slowdowns. The $750 would be able to play Evolve with High graphics settings and a good frame rate (you would have to spend over $1000 to get a comparable PC from Alienware). Don’t forget you need $200 to $250 for a monitor, mouse & keyboard, and speakers (unless you already have them). Use to ensure compatibility and stay within your budget, while getting the best prices on the parts since it compares prices from the major online component sellers. I recommend going for an Intel Skylake CPU since that is the latest generation, and will allow you to simply upgrade the CPU and GPU in 3-4 years for $400 to $500 to keep your PC up to date.

There are tons of resources online to walk you through building a PC, with lots of videos on Youtube. You will learn a lot and have some fun, and computer knowledge has real value in today’s high tech world. Check out the website I linked to at the top and do a search for $700 gaming PC build and check out the links. If you still want to buy a commercially built PC just go on Amazon and do a search for Gaming PC and sort the results by price. Then you will have some good reviews to help you choose, but there will not be many options at $700.

You may be able to save some money by using components from your current PC. You may be able to reuse the case, or the power supply for instance.


I can confirm. Do not buy a prebuilt one. You’ll regret it later when you have to spend $400 or more to upgrade it.

Also, Minecraft and DayZ are on totally different levels, and Evolve is even more taxing.


I wholly agree with this. Using two YouTube vids I built my pc without a problem! Most manufacturers have their own YouTube channel with installation videos if you get stuck too.

Bottom line, build your own rig, you’ll be a lot happier in the end.


Could you give me a list on what I should get and where I could build one online and have it shipped( if possible)


I purchased everything from

The basic’s you need are right here:


I was expecting someone to give him a sample list of parts as reference since this guy clearly is new to PC parts.

Here’s a sample I gave you that’s $701 WITH rebates.

Most people would suggest a i5-4690K for gaming, but since you’re new and on budget I went with a cheaper i5 4460 and I doubt you’re going to overclock and the performance difference is something you probably won’t notice.

I went with a GTX 950 as your video card, though I strongly recommend a GTX 960 since the extra cash spent is worth it in this case for gaming performance.

Keep in mind you still need peripherals such as a monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc if you don’t have one yet.


Does this include monitor, mouse, keyboard and headset?


If the price includes a monitor, mouse, keyboard and headset then his computer is going to be really limited in his options.


If it does then he has to go for those ‘All in one packages’ that have the PC Built in to the monitor.


Uh, no.

For a pre-built especially those “All-in-One” PCs, it’s going to be an even worse choice you’re suggesting him. I just looked at several under $700 on newegg and they mostly have integrated graphics, so he’s already screwed in gaming.

All-in-one PCs are crap for gaming because they need airflow when under heavy usage and not end up overheating. There’s a reason why almost all gaming PCs aren’t built this way.