Gaming (But not Evolve)


Truth of it is folks. I love Evolve, but I rarely play multiplayer. Most of what I do is solo - I’m a solo gamer at haeart, and while I love evolve, it’s not even my most commonly played game.

So, let’s share. What do you do when not evolving?

I myself enjoy myself some Space Engineers. Look - A laser ship.

What about all of you?


I’ve always had a warm place in my heart for couch multiplayer. There’s something special about cooperating with a person sitting right next to you.

That said, nobody really likes playing co-op around me, so I mostly do big titles like CoD (for the zombies), finished Prototype a little bit ago

and I have hundreds of hours in TF2, L4D and FTL.


Oh I remember such things… Going over to old friends places to play halo ODST’s firefight mode, the four of us sitting together playing…

Making up on the fly codephrases to describe enemy movements, only to be stared at in utter confusion and asked to clarify what on earth “The goldfish is crawling across the carpet” means…


Hahaha! I always liked the feeling you got when you’d be up on a cliff or something while your wingman took another route, and you’d look down and it would be so cool that you could see him down there, on his own part of the mission, while you gave overwatch.

Thankfully, my little brother’s into zombies mode so we do that a lot, and sometimes my friend can coerce me into Halo matches.


I absolutely adore stealth games. Dishonored, Splinter Cell, even Skyrim or Assassin’s Creed to an extent. Nothing quite as satisfying as methodically working your way through hordes of enemies without being seen or arousing suspicion.


Mm. Once more, I remember stuff like that. Khajiit like to sneak, after all… Although I will admit that i’ve always had a slightly heavy handed approach to assassins creed games.


In AC, it was just really, really cheesy and unrewarding “stealth.” What I enjoyed in that series was the sandbox-y, climb this building, use this angle, blend in this crowd, etc. It was a lot of fun in the first few games.


I always aggro every guard in the zip code and fight them mano a multitude.

There was this one huge pit in the first AC game where I’d just have my back to the pit, and whenever they’d charge I’d counter and throw them down into the pit. It was hilarious to see ten soldiers queued up to climb the ladder back to where I was dumping even more of them down the hole.


Countering in general was hilarious in the first AC.


I adore TBS games. Not, like, Civ, I never really digged that until Beyond Earth (Alpha Centauri is a rare exception), but I love me a good run of XCOM or Invisible, Inc. It’s fun to see a plan come toghether…


Come May I will be playing The Witcher 3 nonstop. Other than that, I’m a Secret Worlder, although I don’t log in very often right now, but once Issue 11 releases sometime in the next week or two I’ll be playing that a lot.


I like all kinds of games, but I tend to lean toward strategy: Men of War, Company of Heroes 2, StarCraft 2, GW2, LoL, and smaller titles that I play with friends, along with things I’m sure I’ve forgotten.
Anything and everything is better when you’ve got a friend there to do it with or against you. :smile:
I tend to go for adrenaline filled games as well, I absolutely love that feeling, whether it’s mentally induced, as with music and video-games, or physically so, amusement park rides, sports, sparring.


I’m a huge JRPG fan, a dying breed of games. I also grew up playing a look of puzzle games, which are also a dying breed, but I’ve picked a licking for fps on next gen consoles.

I’m a huge Battlefield fan. I remember the first time I played. I died every ten seconds and got pissed off. Then I watches some videos on how to get better. I incorporated some elements
elements and then evolved my own.

I’m also playing Destiny and Dying Light, both are great games. I will be playing Mortal Kombat X in a few weeks.

Right now I’m psyched for the new Wii U Zelda.

And, yes, I miss being able to sit at home with a friends and play video games, but that’s why I own a Wii U, to compensate where PS4 fails to deviler.