Gamestop PS4 digital code doesn't work


So I pre ordered the digital PS4 version of Evolve from Gamestop and they sent me the code about twenty minutes ago,but the code doesn’t seem to work. Every time I try to redeem it it says “The code you entered may not be correct or may no longer be valid” I’ve tried it multiple times so I know I’m inputting it correctly,anybody else having a similar problem?


YES!! I got my code from the order history on gamestop website. I am absolutely sure im inputting correctly and replys ist invalid or input wrong.


I just now tried my again and it’s working,not sure what’s up,maybe try yours again?


YES YES YES! Whooly shizz i was n a panic. Thought maybe my acct was robbed or something. Even changed my password. Thx bro…u ps4? My id is: mrwarcriminal Add my if ya want


wait are we talking the season pass or something else?


The game itself,I ordered the digital edition from Gamestop instead of just downloading it straight from the PSN because I had a Gamestop gift card laying around,figured I would use it on Evolve.


ok because i have the same problem with the season pass so ill try tonight or tommorrow


Me too. The digital version of the game from Gamestop. The code wouldnt work for the first half-hour or so. Its working now.