Gamestop Pre-order or PSN digital? helpful advise requested


Having a hard time deciding which pre-order would be best. I know PSN won’t charge me tax but I won’t get GS’s exclusive skins and ProMembership points. I want to get the Hunters Edition, but I want to make sure I’m spending my money on something I can use for my future. I don’t have much money to spend and finding a job for income has become difficult for me…I need some helpful opinions to make sure I’m getting this games pre-order for a good reason.
Thanks for your time.


The exterminator skins are time-locked. You WILL be able to buy them eventually (I think 2 weeks post-release)

Get whatever is cheaper.


I would just get this digital deluxe edition from gamestop. It saves you about 5 bucks on the hunting season pass and however much the skins will cost when they’re released. Most bang for your buck on PS4.