Gamestop EXPO 2014


I was wondering if Evolve is going to be making an appearance at Gamestop EXPO in Anaheim next week? I might be in the area and would love a chance to get my hands on it again.


It will be there!


Excellent. Thanks Jess!


Anyone else going? I have the VIP pass.


lemme Get that pass homie =) how far is anaheim from sunnyvale hmmmm ill have to check


wrong side of california, i’m afraid.


Will evolve be there or just Jess :stuck_out_tongue:

I was going to go but then didn’t see them in the line up. I was gonna buy a VIP pass too :wink:


Yeah I didn’t see them on the line-up either, but I know that 2K is a Platinum Sponsor so I wasn’t sure.


You wouldn’t buy a VIP pass to see Jess?


She’s a scary woman!


I don’t think my girlfriend and my wife would like that :wink:


I’ve never met her, but I bet that’s accurate.

How’s a friendship with Jess going to hurt?


I had a good time.

There were game titles there I didn’t expect to be there and had a blast with (Heroes of the Storm, Guilty Gear xrd, and I think for the first time, Dungeons 2, though I did expect Smash bros.) and I got the limited Gamestop EXPO Death of Wolverine pt.1 comic, which sidenote: pt.2 is out today. Practically made up my moneys worth in free stuff, like Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition, Dark Souls 2, and Naruto Ninja STORM 3 and more, but that’s just the games! I did the Harkyn Challenge on the Lords of the Fallen demo, which is to finish it with no deaths, and got an awesome free shirt. I’d recommend getting the VIP pass to everyone here, cause I was satisfied with mine, and it’s only going to be bigger next year.

Evolve was there, and think I saw a certain familiar, unshaven face working the booth that looked like @DB_Sinclair , who if it is, I hope can confirm such. I saw him at E3 too, but didn’t want to bring it up in case it wasn’t him. Our Evolve pledged faces and fancy evolve merch’ed out selves shared words before I played as Hyde versus a Kraken player, who had also played in the past alpha, on Fusion Plant. Already knowing the outcome, I gave an apology before and after the match (they went down within the first 2 minutes because they didn’t heed my advice to fly very high and to not fight us). The build was that which people saw at Gamescom (all revealed maps, monsters and hunters), in case anyone was wondering. I sometimes wonder how people haven’t heard of this game.

Good news is that I got a big alpha code for playing, which currently I’m asking a user named Teddy if they want, but they only have 24 hours to respond (if they don’t I’ll ask if anyone needs it on here). Semi good-bad news was that instead of wristbands, they were giving away the elusive Evolve tournament headbands, which now makes my E3 one feel less special :expressionless: whatever. In all honesty, I haven’t played Evolve since it’s newest build (I should be ashamed!), and was thoroughly impressed.

Also, I got an extra steam code for Tropico 4 if anyone would like to have it, I haven’t played any previous installments so it’s new to me.


Yeah, would have come to but it’s kind of on the other side of the world…
Thought Anaheim is in Germany because, yeah it sounds German, but why would Jess fly to Germany?
So maybe i will get there in my next life :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Your girlfriend AND your wife???


Yup, that would be the infamous DB Sinclair! he was there, posting some stuff on twitter too


You can’t mistake the beard anywhere. it’s become so long.


Dude, you should have said something! :slight_smile:


I didn’t know if it was you at the time! I’m sure we’ll meet up again.

I did talk to you though.


None can mistake Sinclair!