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For those who haven’t seen it, this is pretty fun:

Most of the information on there will be things you guys already know, but some of it might be new. Check it out!

Also, if anything in there clashes with what we’ve told you, we wanna know about it :smile:


Good write up from them typos aside :stuck_out_tongue:


One thing I’m a little unclear on; do both Val and Lazarus have the ability to make “weak points” on the monster with their rifles? The video about Lazarus makes it sound like he can do it, but the text below makes it sound like only Val can.


According to the website they both create weak points but are different weapons. Lazarus is silenced and semiautomatic so can presumably create more weak points faster, Val’s is armor piercing which, again presumably, deals more damage (or does it shoot through armor and inflict health damage?).


I always thought the “armor piercing” line about Val’s gun was in reference to the weak points ability, IE it punches holes in the monster’s armor for other players to exploit.


Awesome .gif at the homepage :smile:


Possibly. I’m guessing at everything. But they both create weak points while being described quite differently.


LOL she gives us homework @DamJess


The other thing that makes me wonder is that, so far, all of the different characters have had only one ability in common as a part of their class. Hank and Bucket both have the group cloak, Hyde and Markov both have the personal shield, and Griffin and Maggie both have the mobile arena. However, if Lazarus also has the weak-points ability, that means he and Val have two abilities in common: that one and the healing burst.

In the past I was under the impression that the weak-points ability was exclusive to Val, but you’re right, the official site says otherwise.


Haha!! You guys are more observant than I


Every character has a class ability.


Right, and then their other abilities/weapons vary a bit from character to character. This is why I was surprised at Val and Laz seemingly having two abilities in common.


We need answers! We must know the truth! Truth or Riot!


The difference in their weak points they create is that Val’s sniper makes a larger target that when hit does 2X damage as normal. Laz makes smaller targets that deal 1.5X damage, but he can make a ton of them meaning they are more likely to be hit than Val’s targets. Laz’s works well with Hyde’s minigun since it’s so erratic where as Val’s works well with markov since he is more precise, if he can hit the target.


I’ll figure out the answer for you guys today! No rioting, if you will.


I will do my best, but as a soon to be Monster player, I like to cause a bit of chaos :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But seriously, thank you @DamJess you are probably one of the best Community Managers I have seen when it comes to answering your fans! Keep up the amazing work! :smile:


I’m seeing on these videos, and also the E3 videos, that people seem to think the Hunters are OP.

I assume this is because the hunter centric-videos only show the hunters winning(makes sense), the monster takes a bit more skill to use efficiently(the Kraken seems like it does, especially), which most people shown so far don’t have much of, and Lazarus’s showings at that tournament.

I’m also a bit confused as to why these class specific videos are lazy to the point of only talking about one character per class, and its always the newly revealed ones. They also talk about the Kraken as if its the only monster in the game.

This takes away from the how complex the game is since they don’t acknowledge the possible combinations of loadouts and/or characters for the players.

At this point there seems to be more information and footage on the new characters than the old.


@Brandini is right. Laz makes smaller targets that deal 1.5x damage and he can shoot much faster than Val (her rifle is a single shot and then she has to reload). Val’s targets are larger and amplify damage 2x, but it takes a lot longer for her to put as many targets on a Monster. It’s also possible that Lazarus’s weak spots last a shorter amount of time than Val’s, but @MacMan would have to confirm that.

Another difference in their sniper rifles is that Val’s leaves trails, whereas Lazarus’ rifle is silenced and has no trace trail so it’s impossible to see where it’s coming from.


Can you see the red arrows that point in the direction of damage when shot by Lazarus?


I want to say yes, but usually Laz isn’t attacking the Monster by himself, so there’d be damage coming from a few directions. But really good question, I want to test that now.