Gamescom - New Map Confirmed (The Distillery)


New map announced at Gamescom.

The Distillery is an ice map.

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Gamescom (few) gameplay : analysis

Not much about it so far but it’s a (n)ice looking map!

I’ll leave. . .


Thankyou Plaff :smile:


Thanks for this :slight_smile: im at work so i cant watch :frowning:


Love the new map and i heard there is something secret waterfall routes ^^


ICE MAP! yes! This made my day :smiley:

By the way @Plaff, dig that new extra intimidating fabulous Voldemort icon. hahaha!

EDIT: That wildlife looks amazing! I saw a Crowbill Sloth, some striders and some new giant Ice Rat looking things with glowing tails. I love it! I admit, it wasn’t as tundra-ish as I hoped, but The Distillery still does a wonderful job scratching the Ice map itch.

EDIT 2: oh snap! those are Blitz Leopards!


The maps will proably be really similiar to each others or it would be a total mess to balance, so i think that new maps will be new in sense of new wildlife and tone as in cold hot an what ever you will imagine but the lay out will be pillars caverns and steep walls as in the damn area of the previous map and like was just shown in the ice map.


There was a Tyrannt in the water on the beginning of the video ^^


Does anyone know what perk he had on kraken
Edit: It also shows the hunters can see if the monster has a perk now and destructible environment i wonder if that could effect hunters.


Looks really awesome! :smiley:


yes new map!


Really loving the new map here! It might be my favorite map thus far! Can’t wait to see the rest that comes along!


The ice map is surprisingly green. Might just be that it’s an XBox demo though.

What’s with the announcers?


I just got nerd chills haha


Yessssssss that’s sick


Besides rivers, lakes, lowlands, cliffs, pillars, caves, industrial, tunnels, jungles, forests, deserts, and tundra … exactly what type of geographical playground are you looking for?


Blitz Leopards! Yay!


Will there be a stream for Evolve while at Gamescom?

Or a place to find all the videos that will be released?


I mean that the map will play out exactly as the one before, it just looks different. Now im not saying its bad or that it will not be cool, im suggestin that all the maps released will be more or less just reskins of one arch type map.

This kinda has to be the case for the maps to work or it will lead to pretty unbalanced map pool.

Now what we could ask our self’s is there a game that has wildly different maps that play completely different from map to map?


Did you play the alpha? I totally get what you’re saying and agree if it does end up that way it could totally feel stale but even between the two maps in alpha the feeling was very different. One had a contrast between deep open lowland vs thick jungle while the other was a lot of multilayered canyons and ledges that both helped make fights very dependant on terrain or offered different options for sneaking. Just seeing the bits of this video got me thinking about all the high up lurking potential of this map.