Gamescom 2015 date?

I know it’s already started, and I also know that evolve will be live streaming later this week, but I was wondering when any information (if any) will be given. Perhaps at a 2k press conference or something? Just wondering if anyone knows what day we will be hearing things about the future of this game, or if we have to wait until the live stream.

They stream tomorrow, so if there is gonna be an announcement, it’ll probably be tomorrow.

I can almost guarantee there is no announcement.

Boy was I wrong :smile:

Just seems weird that they would go to gamescom and not announce anything

According to this

They will stream every day for 10 hours.

Is there some other, separate stream tomorrow and this ^ is only for the beat the pro thing? If not, then it’s unlikely they’ll put an unannounced announcement somewhere in those 10 hours (38 hours from Thursday to Sunday).

not sure who made this

but it’s a countdown to the stream at Gamescom

:wink: @10shredder00

Awwww yeeeaaaah.

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