Gamescom 2014 -- Everything you need to know


Hi All,

@SlabOMeat, @Chloe, and I are all at Gamescom in Germany! Here’s all you need to know about Evolve at the show, thus far:

On Tuesday, at the Microsoft press conference, we revealed the “Distillery” Map (feel free to ask some questions here) with an intro by the man himself, @SlabOMeat, and a great @DB_Sinclair and JParty growlcast Evolve match.

At Gamescom, we have Evolve showing at 5 booths: 2K Business Center, 2K Booth (Hall 6), Xbox booth (Hall 6), Nvidia booth (Hall 8), and ESL Arena

Evolve is also streaming from Twitch during specific times throughout the show, for the full schedule, go here.

There are shirt giveaways at the 2K Booth (Hall 6) several times per day. Chloe and I are also running a giveaway where you can snag a shirt and a 2K fastpass to skip the lines! Follow us on Twitter for find out when.

The Evolve Facebook/Twitter is giving away stuff for any one not attending periodically, too :slight_smile:

Please let us know in the comments if you’re at Gamescom and would like to meet up!



I’m going to ask the stupid question but…
From now, right now, how many hours left before the stream of Evolve ?..

(I believe yesterday they got a problem and didn’t stream it…)


Should be streaming now but I don’t see it


It should be any moment now, but like you mentioned things do come up from time to time.

So I am just waiting in the channel until it goes live.

it’s supposed to be streaming here on Twitch now.

I assume most delays have been mishaps in scheduling times, and the timezone conversion and Twitch getting things wrong, but who knows


Ok at least, it’s not too late ^^
Let’s take some parts of pizza and enjoy the (incoming) show !

(I like how Evolve is scheduled for everyday of gamescom ^^)


I think the stream guys are watching the CS championship instead of setting up Evolve :stuck_out_tongue:


scheduled for every day, has not been shown any of the days yet…


Did they already steam? Or is it still going on


Nothing for now… I’m still waiting, as a lot I guess.


How long should I check YouTube or sign before whole matches are on


I guess no stream today? :frowning:


Seems like the turnout is fantastic! Hopefully everything remains smooth throughout all of Gamescom!


Snowy map, yay!


Hopefully we get a couple of full matches worth of video so we can really see the map! That teaser was nice looking but I want to see more! I love snow biomes.


As wondered in this thread: New map objective ideas for The Distillery
What is the objective of the map and what is beeing destilled?


So disapointed… no stream today too apparently…


Have been on the lookout yesterday and today too but saw nothing as well :crying_cat_face:


@DamJess please.and thank you for reminding me


lol so they just straight bullshitted us 2times in a row?


I’ve got to say, I’m really disappointed Evolve hasn’t been shown yet :frowning: . I was really hoping to see a good amount of new gameplay footage from Gamescom.