Games were you are evil/Giant/A monster or can edit things


So this is going to be confusing and hard to ask but does anyone know any good ps4 games were you can do any of these:

.You can play as bosses or Npc’s
.You can edit things like in infamous 2 ugc
.It’s like Evolve as in different and not just men shooting men
.You can possess people or use powers
.Can shapeshift into monsters etc
.You play as an OP character
.You can summon creatures or minions
.Can build an army to kill everyone

I really like games that let you use OP features or let you play as monsters/characters that are also Npc’s or were you can edit things like far cry 4 has a map editor. I also like games were you can summon things or have minions.


The new Saints Row fulfills a few of these.


True, Kinda feels like an add-on though.


Well yeah, but it fits some of your requirements. :wink:

I don’t have a PS4, so I’m trying to go off memory.