Games To Play In Preparation For Evolve


I’m new to online gaming. Online gaming has always turned me off because people with mics tend to be annoying. Also, it’s takes way too long to be decent at the game to where you have fun.

However with Evolve I feel it will be worth it. However, I want to a play a game to get used the concept of online team work. Any ideas?

Please don’t lock this thread until someone gives me suggestion :stuck_out_tongue:


Well; you can look into TRS previous title Left 4 Dead, or Valve’s take on it, Left 4 Dead 2. The only danger is that they are both older games; so you will be likely to get some jerks that will be highly intolerant of new players. Not the game’s fault, but as you say people with mics tend to be annoying.


If you want to go full into the Turtle Rock repertoire, I would suggest Left 4 Dead a million times over. Team work necessary? Check. Mics? Check. Amazing? Million checks


Already a post about this.

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I don’t even think that’s the only post i’ve seen from “games to play while waiting”.


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So you got 2 topics now to find a game lol.


Seventeen days is indeed a bit better than several months; I’ll grant you that, and I’ve got plenty on my plate, thanks :wink: That said, sure was a lot less effort to just make the guy a suggestion and leave it up to the moderators than to tut tut at the (edit:)guy/gal and go digging for threads he should have been posting in. I’ll just drop it here though; Good day.


Yea but to see the same topics evry day/week getting made ( like specs,games,… ) just seems as spam.


I think league of legends would be good if your planning to play monster because the way the abilities are set up you can get an idea for how to distribute points and dealing with cool downs


League huh… want to talk about toxic community… that feels almost like throwing the poor guy or gal to the sharks.


I think throwing him/her into a pool filled with sharks is a better idea then the League community.


<— Plays league, trust me on this, if you play league and somehow survive, you will never feel harmed by a community again <3


I had diamond ranking in league , trust me it does not get better. The only fun part was maybe 5 man premade in the same room but then the enemy would rage because we were premade.


Fun fact, a total of 2 league players have been perm-banned last year :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow, i guess riot gave up on fixing the community. Even more money hungry then before lol but we are getting waaaaay off topic xD


Lastly, they were perm banned after 14 times in the tribunal and 10 of those being temp bans, its complicated, but yeah.
A good game to play before evolve is natural selection, may not seem like it, but you will learn to aim and dodge and such quite nicely, and as a commander you would learn how to ping correctly, etc.


Lol I suck at leauge like I never win player vs player so I just face bots on beginner and the guys can suck it