Games that made you cry?


There was games that made me very sad like Mother 3, but there never was a game that ever made me cry.

Can you suggest to me any game that made you cry?


server crash every one freezed and get kicked back to lobby after getting so close to winning


Well league of legends,dota and other coop moba games
I reccomend russian servers for 100% cry

I cry evr tim


yeahh league

full of salt


Infamous 2 - Bad Ending
The Walking Dead - Season 1 Ending
The Walking Dead - Season 2 Ending

Only times I’ve ever cried in games


I know The Last of Us made alot of people cry, never got to play it myself though


Evolve does sometimes


Any time i’m playing monster, get domed, and their laz is just outside waiting for me to kill somebody.
I can feel them kekking and munching popcorn soaked in my monster tears.

As for actual other games: not really. Atleast not that i can think of right now.


SOMA… that game hit me right in the feels, amazing game.


DOOM made me cry.


Undertale, fortunately, because of good reasons. Also whenever I hear the music of certain areas, to this day I get such an emotional wave that I cry sometimes.


Undertale’s music is amazing! :heart:


There was one game that did make me cry, can’t remember what it was though. I think it was an old PS2 game.

I think the ending of The Walking Dead: Season 1 made me emotional, didn’t make me cry though. I still need to play Season 2… I finished 1 on my XBOX 360, brought both of them for my PC and now I cba to play through the 1st one again

If you have a PS3, Heavy Rain was a great emotional roller coaster with a fantastic story. Didn’t make me cry though…

Also what do you mean by cry? Crying emotionally because it was sad, or crying out of frustration/anger because I couldn’t beat a really difficult level on my 100th try?


noone here played final fantasy 7 apparantly


I was about to say Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core, really good game on the PSP.



Some friends reported they cry every time playing this game:Hotline miami from rage :^)


Legacy Of Kain - Defiance’s ending. Raziel’s sacrifice made me extremely emotional.

Red Dead Redemption. Everybody knows why.

Mass Effect. The entire fucking series is an emotional roller coaster. I never played as renegade but there are some moments of extremely raw emotion coming for your heartstrings. Also, this:

To quote Garrus, damn war . . .


Day One Garry’s Incident and airport simulator 2014


valiant hearts

nuff said.