Game's stopped loading

So this is getting a little annoying … after numerous times validating my game files, uninstalling and reinstalling, my game won’t even load now. I previously wasn’t able to load into My2K, but could at least play Arcade (deleting the two My2K cache files didn’t help there.)

I click to play, the screen goes black as though it’s preparing to launch, and then I’m returned to my desktop with nothing in the taskbar suggesting Evolve’s running in the background somewhere. All other games through Steam run perfectly fine. Any ideas here devs?

Thanks @TheMountainThatRoars, @Insane_521 et al.

Can you please post your specs and dxdiag?

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Thanks, will do as soon as I’m back - for now though:

i5 6600
16 GB ram
Win 10 pro
Installed on the primary SSD
All drivers etc. up to date

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Try this as well if you haven’t already.

Tagging @m3teeh and @ArPharazon in case they have a better idea of what’s going on.

Hey again,

So I’m not sure what changed but I’m able to get into the game again :slight_smile: awesome! But, now it’s telling me I’m not able to sign in (either My2K or my standard account :frowning: ) and only giving me the option to quit the game.

Not sure what I’ve done here … haven’t touched anything (other than when verifying game files & installing / re-installing etc.). Is this something I need to talk to 2K about maybe? Don’t want to be wasting your time if it’s outside of your area.

Thanks again

So, one thing that may’ve complicated things here; after having the original My2K login issues, I uninstalled the game and then reinstalled it on another drive (my primary SSD). Is this known to cause issues?

EDIT: So, sorry for the shotgun posts, but there’s some serious weirdness going on for me and given the timeframe I’m pretty sure it happened since the last update.

I’ve now reinstalled on the original HD and while I can login again to the non-2K account (what’s even the point of this account now with My2K anyway?), I’m unable to login to My2K and the game is taking forever to load (sitting on the burning claw print splash screen for about a minute), and once loaded in, stuttering something wicked.

Please note no other games are having this issue. I’m guessing it’s somehow related to the update & my hardware / installation somehow…any advice / thoughts appreciated - really want to play :cry:

EDIT 2: Is it ok to unlink My2K and re-link it? Can’t imagine it would be a problem, and it seems it would be worth a try, but I don’t want to find I’ve lost a bunch of progress.

Also, how is it possible to have the unlink option available if I can’t log in in the first place…? Just wondering aloud more than anything…

Game won’t load. Crashes to desktop.
Uninstall/reinstall didn’t help.
Verifying didn’t help.

Game starts working randomly.
However, can’t sign into My2k or Steam Account.

Difference here is that the game was installed on a different hard drive.

Reinstalled on original HDD
Can log into steam account but not My2k
Game takes a long time to load but has terrible stuttering.

Just trying to recap for the devs because I can’t see what’s causing the issue.

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Thanks, yep - sorry - I know, a lot of back and forthing :slight_smile:

  • Note stuttering only seems to occur at the title screen when trying to log in, so suspect it’s just that

I’m not ignoring this topic, I just don’t know what to think yet.


Not to worry :slight_smile: take your time, it doesn’t seem as though anyone else has issues here so it’s got to be something to do with my set up - I’m able to play again and that’s the main thing :wink:

I’m also looking at different things so will update if I stumble upon anything that might help in a future situation

Thanks for the (awesome) support


@m3teeh, could this be somehow related to our store problems? Maybe the problems happen on delivery of store info to the game, which happens asynchronously?

I’ve been curious about whether deleting user data would help, but with login problems, I’m concerned whether progress will be recoverable from server.

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Well, the first problem does sound like the one you just fixed, but I don’t think we have any indication of the root of the issue causing a user to be unable to connect to my2K…

@JB81, the amazing ArPharazon just put in a fix for a bug that sounds very similar to your original problem (the crash). You’ll be able to grab this fix when the next update rolls out (tomorrow or Wednesday if all goes well!). If you’re still unable to connect to my2K then, you’ll have to put in a ticket with my2K customer support for help.


Awesome guys - can’t tell you how amazing it is to be able to talk with you and the team directly. Whatever the results of the upcoming patch, I’ll let you know, along with any other things I may think of that could be related.

Speaking of which, the mention of the store - interestingly, I’m able to purchase perks, but when I visit the crates page it says there currently ‘aren’t any crates available.’

Thanks again for the increadible help :blush:

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this happens to my friends sometimes, all you have to do is close steam through the taskbar arrow relaunch steam then evolve and it always works for them. no need to reinstall or verify game files.

When I am stucked, I just end task it. The higher the number of tries, the higher the success rate.

Trust me, that was attempted more times than I care to count when this first started happening :wink:

Along with simple restarting, verifying, the thing, and any number of other measures, nothing’s seemed to have worked - this is likely something much more complicated tied up with my account and set up somehow. At the moment, I think it’s best I just hold out for the incoming patch and get back with any details I can.

Thanks for the advice though.

As above, thanks though.

Note this is the only time I’ve ever actually had a problem though.

I encountered this problem just like u after certain patch, required like 6 to 10 times to get in, then after a few patch the number of tries lowered to 2 to 3.

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Huh, interesting - thanks, will give it a shot when I’m next loading up