Games not loading


This may have been discussed but i am not able to actually play any solo games at all
what happens is that i get to the loading screen and the loading bar stops with about 5% left and then does not move.
i am running the reccomened specs for the game so i figure it isnt a system error
i have had the game for less than 24 hours and i have installed the latest update


What system is this on?


on PC sorry


Sorry it took so long to respond. Try Verifying the Integrity of you Game Cache. Right Click on the game in Steam and Select Properties. Select the Local Files tab and then select Verify Integrity of Game Cache. This will take some time.


i was talking with mrstrategio and he also suggested this if your game cache comes back verified then you need to go into your local files go into the engine folder and delete the Shader files then re verify your game cache and steam should download the files that came up as unverifed

i am posting this so that people that encounter a similar issue can find the soloution easily