Games in progress


Please, for the love of god, disable joining games in progress or at least give the option. Not once have I been able to pick my own character, I get my preferred role most of the time, but never get to choose my actual Hunter, I get stuck with the Default frigging bot instead, every single time! This needs fixing ASAP because it’s ruining this otherwise great game for me. Idc if I would have to wait longer, as long as I get to play the Hunters I unlocked for once!


Has anybody else had this issue?


Yes there are numerous threads on the topic already. I agree with you, we should have the option to not join games in progress. Its annoying and a big waste of time to get thrown into a match mid-game with a character you don’t want, skilled up in a way you don’t want, and usually already behind in the match (because people usually only quit when the team is losing).


Precisely. This is a great game, but this just ruins it for me. I spent time unlocking Cabot and Abe, join a game and am always stuck with Hank or Maggie. I only got to choose once and I chose bucket, every other game I have joined I didn’t get a choice.


Still haven’t got to pick my character, this is absolutely ridiculous. Then I get punished when I leave even though I got no choice in the first place?