Games I'm looking forward to



So I have a small wishlist of games I’m interested in that are coming out in 2017(or possibly 18), just wanted to hear some other people’s opinions on them.

#1. Sea of Thieves:

SO far it looks promising, plus I’ve already made up the name I’m going to use on my Pirate:

Captain MC McBoopyBootyBandit

#2. Fortnite:

A buildableL4D game sounds cool. Hopefully it lives up to the trailer.

#3. State of Decay 2:

I watched the first game, but since it’s coming to PC I would love to try it out for myself.

#4. Crackdown 3:

You’ve got to be kidding me if you think I won’t like this game.

Explosions on top of bombs on top of sandbox on top of explosions. Fuck being the good guys, I wanna blow it all to kingdom come.

#5. Outlast 2:

Not really into playing horror games, but I love watching series on youtube about them.


You should add Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice to the list.

I’m more excited for this than I should be.


Here’s what I am looking forward to.


I’m personally looking forward to Dawn of War, Total War Warhammer 2, ANY DLC for Mass Effect Andromeda, and Brood War Remastered


Total Warhammer 2 + Star wars Battlefront 2. Gonna be a goooooood year. Guess I better start saving up now if I want to get both those games + dlc. :stuck_out_tongue:


Gimme sea of theives, shadow of war, fortnite, and evolve back.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::sob::sob::sob::sob:


Steel Division: Normandy 1944 and Star Wars Battlefront 2.


The latest Game Informer featured Hellblade, good article. It’s at my desk if you want to borrow it for a read.

I’m looking forward to Prey


Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Imagine the Skyrim you all wanted, the skyrim that could have been. this is from an indie company, made the game from a kickstarter 3 years ago. Can you believe an indie company making a better game than skyrim itself? from voice acting, animation, sword combat, nonlinear rpg story, larger scale battle. you can look at other gameplay videos on youtube and see if i’m right.
its on beta now.

guess many of you know this but posting anyway… my most anticipated game, it has been yearsss, from the makers of witcher.

there are more people working on cyberpunk than witcher 3, it’ll be very huge.

Others: FInal Fantasy 7 Remake
TRS Next IP (these 4 are most anticipated)

wow , great soundtrack and voice. just shows how important the audio quality is. we’re more forgiving to graphics than audio quality.

yes, fortnite is a great game! is the beta public??


Yes! Excited to see more of this. I liked the original, but it didn’t feel very polished. Hopefully this one will be able to take what made the first good and really build on that. Often the 2nd game is the best anyways…


If you’re interested in Dawn of War 3, I’ll be streaming the Open Beta tomorrow if you want me to test/look for anything specific lemme know :slight_smile:


Not that I know of.

I think the only one in that list in beta is Sea of Thieves, unless you count Outlast 2, but that’s really just a teaser/prologue.

Most of these games are on the end of 2017, so it may still be a long wait.


I’m looking forward to:

Starcraft remastered
State of Decay
Crackdown 3
Red Dead Redemption 2
Project Scorpio


Holy shit, is that first game a rollercoaster tycoon, but with dinosaurs? Sign me the fuck up!

I was gonna say Code Vein, but that is only planned for 2018. But it still counts right? :sweat_smile:


Something I’ve just remembered is a little game called Iron Harvest.

Other than it being an RTS and some screenshots very little is known. What’s interesting is the artist behind it: Jakub Rozalski. Some seriously good stuff from him. He’s a painter who has created his own little world based off European conflicts in a dieselpunk 1920s. It was good enough to get a board game (Scythe) made around it (played it, it’s pretty good).and now a game studio wants in on the action.



I’m looking forward to this Free to play game:



This, I can’t wait till summer for Starcraft and E3 for more info on Scorpio


Injustice 2
Star Wars: Battlefront II
Friday the 13th: The Game
Prehistoric Kingdom


Shadow of War
Iron Harvest, which I found out existed as I was writing this
All the games that may or may not come out that I’m naively optimistic about