Game's current "healthy" state




What am I looking at here?


Next to the left gun and on the rock in the middle.


Because of the post I presume this isn’t a minion?


Nope. Two monsters.


Well, this is already a known bug

@Buckets_Sentry_Gun @Jedi_Warrior @ToiletWraith needs merge/closure?


First time seeing it. The second monster was Observer.


This has happened several times in the past, and is possible with every monster and adaptation. The only monster I don’t think that’s been seen (or at least not been mentioned to be seen) with this bug is Elder Kraken.


If you thought your game went badly, try having 2 Krakens. I once had a game with 2 Krakens.


Remember, this is something a lot of people want…

Be Grateful!!!


Double Event.


oh yeah I once had a game with one wraith who kept running away


I once had a game against an invisible Goliath. Only saving grace was all the particle effects he generates.


2 behemoths


god help us all when it does happen.


I had two behemoths once. Got to be one of the monsters before too. Its a known glitch and really easy to accomplish if you really want to try it out.


Playing against 2 Krakens, who are already OP, is like living through WWII with a selfie stick. It’s the metaphoric definition of hell. Maybe if I was one of the monsters, sure, but not if I was a hunter.


You know how to do it?


Yup, sure do… I’ve done it with friends on multiple occasions


I would love to know this information