Gamers Beard and EVOLVE Tournaments


I plan to be running some PC tournaments through a cool website called Gamers Beard and I was wondering if people were interested, especially since the Chappie tournament is for X-Box one.

Here is the website, you can make an account and put an ‘e-sports’ team together. When I run a tournament I will probably make announcements here on the forums, but I’m pretty sure you can look up any tournaments that go on through the website.

The tournament information isn’t 100% complete, so if people are interested get your teams together on gamersbeard and I will make a new thread or continue this one for tournament information/when the first tournament will be. I can maybe get prizes of some sort for winners, and maybe some casters for the games as well (not me because I want to compete as well ;))

One thing I will note is that I am leaning towards teams of 4, with one player from the hunter squad having to be the monster as well, but I know the tournament itself will go faster if it is teams of 5. Suggestions, comments, and anything else please post below. I want to get the competitive scene rolling! :smile:


I thot the chappie tourney was ps4 too?


I didn’t think so, look at the details :confused: It needs xBox gamertag thingy…


Ah dam. we were getting ready for this too. :cry:


I know the feels…Is your team interested in competing in our tournament if we run one through gb? We want to do 16 teams with a losers bracket that leads up to the finals. I think the rules I have laid out on paper are pretty good and very balanced compared to other competitions, but it will be up to teams to coordinate well and make it happen. :slight_smile:

If you are up to it, let me know and I’ll plan it out since we will have at least 2 teams already :stuck_out_tongue:


Im on ps4 :confused: i think we have one guy working with the DGL team to start ps4 stuff. i hope they have steady tournies instead of the usual “PC gets everything” type thing. competitively speaking.


well so far console has been getting a lot…competitively speaking compared to most games at least :stuck_out_tongue:
A lot due to microsoft. Fear that PS4 might get the shortest end of the stick, but right now I feel that xbone is winning out T.T


you mean for this game? yeah theyll never release that info but my guess is evolve is practically funded by xbox through 2k. so yes they get it all. sadly id rather have evolve funded than sony’s decision to fund destiny…


Will there be any prizes? I see nothing on the website about the tournament. When will the tournament be held?


I was going to be running it so I wanted to see if enough people were interested, but I’m pretty sure I can get prizes…I just didn’t think anyone was interested so I kind of abandoned this post. I have the rules almost written up. Any requests for prizing or anything?