Gamer Sins


Alright everyone, quick question…

What is your “Gamer Sin”?

basically… one thing every gamer should experience/do or something you have done that no gamer should ever do…


I have never played through the Half-Life Series. Not a single chapter.

Dont taze me bros


I once have one eye of me blind and replace both my arm and leg with hook



I trash talk Ocarina of Time a lot for being worse than Majora’s Mask, but I’ve never actually played Ocarina of Time :stuck_out_tongue:



Right there with you… I went down that elevator… it was so long and boring i turned it off and have never been back.

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I dislike Smash Bros. Does that count?



I played Bayonetta pre nerf on Smash Wii U and said I just liked the character and not because she was over powered…

Also when I was young I spent way to much on Microtransactions for mmo’s.

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I’ve bought Skyrim 4 times; 3 of the times I had all of the DLC.

Pretty sure that’s a sin.



That’s definitely a sin.



I have too many games in my catalog I haven’t touched even though I bought them like 3-5 years ago (including the one @Seedsy mentioned).

Also games I keep playing but keep making me angry, another sin.



Never played Link to the Past.

I hated Majora’s Mask because of the ridiculous time limit.

I used to exclusively use the Plasma Rifle and Needler when I would pvp in Halo 2.

Played 5 minutes of Half Life 1 and never picked it up again.

Aaaaand I think the Switch is the best console, even though I own a great PC and PS4. Always been a Nintendo man. Probably wouldn’t buy other consoles if all my games came out on Switch.



Best Zelda game.



I’ll probably buy the remake on the Switch.

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Every so often i like to play a couple rounds of super street fighter 4 arcade… But i confess, im a total button masher :confused:
Also, on l4d i tend to hold throwables and health packs to the very end like some clutch item and end up dying with a medkit still on me.



Very first thing that springs to mind is that I never finished Skyrim. Hell, I’ve never gotten past the Thalmor embassy.

I have 152 hours logged into the game according to steam

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Sometimes I’m proud on how much time I spent on this game >_<.



I prefer a game with better graphics than better gameplay



I’ve never played Morrowind.

Annnd I’m the same as @DarKastlez I got a massed backlog I want to play. Namely The Witcher franchise, Metro Last Light, and the Dark Souls franchise (I was playing 2 before I got bored and life got in the way, it’s been a while).



i actually own the physical copy of that game…
i played it in 2006 for all of 3 hours. i havent touched it since.

I’m surprised about the lack of people for HL:2 however… atleast we’re not alone <3



I so agree, Link to the past was a major marker in my history of gaming.

I beat ocarina of time and had an amazing ending, tried to show it to my friend, reloaded up the game and the ending was compleltly differnt. (this was on 1st release gold cart)

Loved Majoras mask time limit,

I do agree, Nintendo Switch is by far the best console.

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My gaming sin,

I was a pro mod person, my favorite was the zip drive for the n64. It was so neat and i could play everything I wanted, even got to play the track editor version of F-Zero. guess what, the track editor SUUUUUUCKED…

But I dont know if that was a sin, it was more just seeing what i could do, If we want to talk about a game sin… hmmmm

I was so obsessed with Killer Instinct that I mastered its combo system so much so that I figured out that player 1 and player 2 had different strings and you could actually do longer combos with tricky combos on player 2 side. So much so, that when the SNES came version came out, I was able to destroy the combo system and I actually was put into contact with Ken Lobb and I got to teach him things about his engine he didn’t even know was possible… He said certain things could not be done on the home version and I proved him wrong… how? I used my arcade knowledge of artificially extending the combos on 2nd player side and sure enough it worked. (this is beyond the 99 hit combo crap btw, that was easy)

But thats not a sin, thats more obsession.

hmmm, ok ok

I CANT STAND the PLAYSTATION brand. I hate it in every form, the only time i owned one was to play Final Fantasy X and you know what… I LOVED FFX and that is so much a sin they main story plot was called SIN…

I am a Nintendork, have been since the NES.
So I guess i will go with that.

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