Gameplay video (The Distillery)


Player walks back and stares as teammate is incapped, and then shoots them with a tranq


I found it funny ^^

Oh, and at the end we litteraly saw Maggie explosing…! pop !


That was painful to watch


It was a very VERY painful match to watch. I even saw Daisy go down but Val’s player didn’t even bother to help, just runs by…and then the plant incident, just…UGH!


Healing teammates that have full health facepalm


There was a surprising lack of wildlife. I saw the odd reaver etc, but the map kinda felt a bit empty (to me anyway)


They were running after the monster the whole time and it evolved relatively fast. Maybe the wildlife got eaten before the hunters even got there?


The Devs have said many times that the hunters are too slow to just run the monster down by following its tracks. They need to try and guess where the monster is going, or use Daisy, or look for startled birds, and then try to head it off.


I know I was just trying to explain the lack of wildlife but rewatching the video I think there was still enough around…


I don’t think that there wasn’t enough wildlife (Goliath had no trouble finding it anyways.) This hunter team, especially the medic, seemed pretty clueless and spent about half of the match around the objective or aimlessly wandering around


I saw a Blitz Leopard or two…

… That Val abandoned her team to.



Haha did you guys notice the lockers on the dropship: Markov is a wanker :wink: and one of the names seems to have been redacted…
One says V. Wolski ist that Val?
I also noticed that Hank cannot call the orbital srike inside the building (of cause) so we´ll probably not see a map that is one big cave. - Perhaps that ice cave concept is only a part of a map…

Hunter's lockers and final tier clues

That Hank player landed a really nice orbital strike on the Kraken while it was busy fighting the sloth.


He did a great job i think this gameplay really made me like support even more


I really loved the intro scene with the lockers ^^

Hey but, did Hank take heavy damages with its own orbital strike at the end ?..

(however I maintain that a full video of one hunter’s point of view isn’t as enjoyable as the monster’s)


I noticed that im not sure if he was hit with a vortex blast or not i think they said it only blows you away and doesnt do damage


Yeah I thought it too…

It’s sure that it doesn’t deal any damages to your teamates, but to yourself I’m not sure.


IGN just posted these new videos from Gamescom, each one is roughly ten minutes long :slight_smile:

Hunter's lockers and final tier clues

Yep, I was going to post it too ^^
Sad there’s no Monster’s point of view…

(haaa, it remembers me the interactive trailer !)

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