Gameplay video (The Distillery)


Today, we indeed got an Evolve Twitch stream…
But unfortunately, no pur gameplay there…

Don’t cry ! Here’s just a gameplay video of the new map from the point of view of Val ! Enjoy !

*edit : more videos in this thread below !.. *


Your Awesome thank you tears wiped away


Thank you, so much for this :D! Just what I wanted after the disappointing “stream”.


I understand the disappointment of people… That’s why I’m very happy too of finding this video ^^


Nice find! I’m so psyched!


Didn’t spot either the Glaciadon or the Steamadon.

Tis a Shame. Still a good find though


Pity that Val player was so clueless, just staring at Hank in that man-eating plant, then walking on.


xD yeah…

This video shows some interesting things but not really an interesting gameplay actually.

For new players, the “monster scared birds” marker looks quite disturbing since it’s in the air, but you don’t actually see anything when you’ve managed to get there.

This map seems to have very high and isolated spots for snipers (for example), it looks very cool ^^
We can see Val getting actually so high that textures were missing…?

However, this malfunctionning ship in the generator zone worries me…
I could already see these final combats where hunters are bunny jumping around the ship… while the assault fires.

Oh, and there’s a significant lack of music =/
Specially for the last stand near the generator.

(by the way… German version of the game ^^ funny to hear different voices from the characters… Are the other versions already casted ?)


I noticed that about the ship at the generator area as well. I think part of it may have just been the obvious inexperience of the players. Plus, that ship won’t provide much cover against a flying/ranged monster like the Kraken.


That whole fight was a bit dull, just endlessly kiting Goliath around the ship, while both he and the hunters get stuck on little projections. I’m not sure it’s the best location for the generator. Compared to the locations of the generator in the other two maps, the area just doesn’t seem as dynamic. It’s especially surprising, in a map touted for its verticality, that verticality plays a much bigger role in the generator fights in both of the other two maps.


I have this distinct feeling it can get knocked out of the way by the Monster, I think.

I mean I might just be going crazy but I think I saw the ship move or inch a little at times while they were fighting around it.


Haha i saw it too, lets just hope its not a glitch and it can get pushed away.


I thought the ship was some kind of automated ship trying to return at base…but with malfunctionning propulsors.
It’d be stuck in a cycle of trying to launch, failing, checking systems and trying again…
(yeahh… power of imagination…)


Maybe the monster can knock the ship into the Hunters to incapacitate them akin to what the Tank does to a few objects in L4D? Let’s hope!


I sort of figured that the ship had been refueling at the power relay and that sufficient damage from either the hunters or the monster might cause it to explode.


Thanks for the video! Nice to see some Val und Goliath gameplay, but the Val player wasn´t very good. Where there no tutors who teached them a few things during playing?


It looks like !..

It’s unlikely even a new player after the game release will be such confused…


Those hunters were terrible. Two hunters nearly killed by the same plant.


Some of the worst game-play I’ve ever seen. So much wrong! SO many missed opportunities. I’m so glad the Goliath player lead them away from the generator only to go back and finish it off in peace. I really hope this gameplay doesn’t go viral because I actually thought it was…dare I say…boring!


Notices team-mate is eaten by a Chomp Plant, player looks, walks off.

My reaction?