Gameplay Video of Savage Skins for Wraith and Kraken


Disappointed that Kraken doesn’t glow red. But hey I’ll take it,


Will these be free for those who pre-ordered just like the Savage Goliath skin?


I don’t believe so. I had to buy my savage Kraken.


I haven’t bought mine yet, I’ll buy it after they balance the new hunters or until I have more money. Buying bigger funds for steam wallet is better than going back and forward from the Internet cafe.

Plus they keep asking me why I buy so many funds and what Dota items I have. When I help them why I’m buying said funds they have this confuse look on their faces. XD


I can’t like this went completely over my head. I haven’t gotten very deep into Steam yet lol. Mostly just the games I can play on my Mac while I save up for my PC parts.