Gameplay Issue (Mobile Arena)


I’ve played a lot of Evolve myself but I recently jumped online to have even more fun but I came across opponents who fought in a way that I lost much interest in playing online. To be honest its soured my love of the game. It was a NEST game and just as the game was winding down I got locked in the mobile arena with no hunters as they made off to destroy the remaining eggs.

Personally I found it clever and didn’t know it was possible but mostly it made me really upset. It was an interesting tactic but it was very harsh in being fair and sporting. I realized that the same tactic could be used on all game modes and asked myself “What’s the point in playing the monster?” but I also figured it was hardly a problem that could just be removed.

I hope it is something serious enough to get attention it really wrecks the fun of the game for the monster, being stuck and unable to do anything in those three game modes RESCUE, NEST, and DEFEND. I hate that I lost love for the game so if its not an important issue itself I know its important to me, I love this game and don’t want to hate anything about it. Heck its the whole point why I bought Xbox One LOL


This happened to me too. It was 30 seconds for the round of Defend to be over, and the Generator had less than a centimeter of health, and they locked me and my minions in an arena. Totally annoying.


I have read somewhere that with the next patch (not sure whether it will be the next micropatch or next big patch) the dome will be changed so if the trapper escapes the dome it will only last 10 seconds.

I’ll try to find the quote as I may have misread something.


Yes, it’s being patched- in future if the Trapper exits his dome it goes down in a few seconds.


Just found the Quote I was looking for. :smile:


Will that work “exits” the dome? I’m hoping if the trapper just plain isn’t in the dome at all, unless that’s what you meant. But still if its even 10 seconds players can still apply that to their advantage. I see only two ways; the dome straight up fails to launch without the trapper inside or leave a generator in the middle for the monster to destroy when the dome goes up


I think it means that now a Trapper will have to be in the dome range for it to work. If it exits then the dome will collapse. But if it re-enters, it will stay up.


Wait but no one can exit the dome not even the hunters and the discussion is about the trapper never even stepping foot in the dome just tossing it out and getting beyond its range. Eh never mind I get what’s being said and what you’re saying Krak. But I still don’t think 10 seconds will make any difference it needs to go all the way down otherwise its just going to cause more problems.

Personally I think they did 10 seconds to congratulate the creative thinkers and fast reactors instead of punishing them XP


Right. 10 seconds is too much. Maybe like 2 or 3. Or immediately.


what 10 seconds to much?

hes wasting his 1 min cd and the only way to rly punish u.

so 10 seconds is the least amount of time.


I think the real question is why any seconds at all, why should it be allowed to succeed in the first place? It doesn’t really matter how much time they get with the dome when they shouldn’t get any at all, if you aren’t inside with it when the dome completes it should fall immediately. There’s no reason for any other result

The way its being looked at is in other game modes where time is everything, they don’t have to do any punishing damage if they just wait out the timer on their modes or complete the objectives while you’re trapped


I’ve also noticed the use of the arena on DEFEND is also a huge waste of time, time which the monster needs. One would think they should disable the arena for that mode. Sure its not quite so broken as the other issue but its still an issue all its own


Why though?
If the trapper does the strategy of throwing the dome and getting out, it goes down. If the trapper pits himself against the monster alone, he’s essentially done for if the monster’s competent, he’ll be forcing his teammates to come and help him or let him die, causing them to be 1 man down for a couple of minutes, and that’s less damage.