Gameplay is too fast paced for its own good. Weakens experience


This game needs to be slowed down, it’s not very fun to just be sprint sprint sprint , jump, jump, jump 90% of the game. Don’t even get me started on the game breaking Wraith BS. There’s no moments of letting the game breath, no time to even interact with other creatures or the gorgeous environments. The wraith and kraken outright spam the vertical cliffs of the game. for me holding down sprint 90% of the match is not fun gameplay at all. I’ll go back to a real strategy multi player cat and mouse game called Last of Us


i think the maps should be like 5x bigger so it’s more of a hunt. FYI dust tagging max range in game is 10 kilometers


K bye. You bring no fun to the forums


Bigger maps would be nice too, these maps feel cluttered as hell. I’ve never played a game where I had to hold down sprint so much.


Then use auto-sprint.

And they are not gonna change the game for you, mate.


What system are you playing on? XB1 has an auto sprint option and I bet PS4 does as well.


PC also

Ten chars


The fact that they had to implement an auto sprint makes my criticism even more valid.


if there’s a sequel it should be on an ARMA sized map as an MMO


Im sorry but if you think wraith is game breaking then you do not have enough experience with the game i suggest you play a bit more before you make snap judgments, the game was designed this way and if you feel this way you probably havent played with a good trapper, matches can end fast if you can catch the monster fast.


You will get better, just keep practicing.


Lots of games have an autosprint.


Even if my team wins against the wraith it’s not very fun compared to fighting the other monsters. It consists of everyone just sprinting to try and catch it. It’s boring as fuck. This game has no atmosphere, very little varied gameplay choices, and gets tire som quick. I wouldn’t be complaining if it was say a 30 dollar downloadable game


Have you ever thought that maybe the game just isn’t for you? The game isn’t going to appease everybody and a ton of people find it very enjoyable. If it makes you feel better you can go play a better game. No need in sitting in the forum and spouting hate


Am I spouting hate? I’m sick of people getting butt hurt over the slightest critisisms of their “favorite” game. So this game is %100 the best game ever made then huh?


for a hunting game it is


For a hunting game there is no sense of tension, no real fun memebable funny or intense moments. And that’l sucks because left for dead had great atmosphere and tension around every turn.


Then this game isn’t for you. That’s fine, different strokes and all that. But why come in here and bitch about it?

I think Dying Light is pure, unadulterated garbage. I don’t spend any time on their official forum bitching and moaning about it.


wraith is broken i agree


So why are you here? You buy a $60 game on launch, you play it, decide you hate it, and make an account on the forums to tell a bunch of random people you hate it? Use your common sense, if you have any. If you don’t enjoy Evolve, then do what you said and go back to TLOU. Nobody cares. At all. You think it’s boring and gets old quickly, but then you say you’re going to go and play the MP in a story game… Alright. Goodbye. We…don’t really agree. Or care.

@avnas Lol.