Gameplay is fun. UI isn't


Without knowing the exact numbers, the game feels like 15 minutes of gameplay and 10 minutes of waiting in menus.

The gameplay is a ton of fun.

The mandatory menus between games aren’t. I don’t mind load times, and I don’t mind waiting for players whose computers might be slower, but it’s the 8-10 minutes of other mandatory menus that really makes playing the game painful for me.

Express Matchmaking might go something like this:

  • End of Match: Players get ~30 seconds to change their class preference, to review stats, and to view the campaign rewards earned by the prior winner.
  • Map Voting: Classes are locked, you get ~12 seconds to vote on a map.
  • Class Customization: Choose your character, your skin, and your loadout. The time here can probably remain about the same as it’s one of the most complicated parts.
  • Gameplay: A load straight to gameplay for the monster (no campaign cinematic) and straight to dropship sequence for hunters. It’s possible some of the cinematic voiceovers could play as radio broadcasts to the hunters in their dropship (if the duration of those clips fits.)

The game is going to have load time. I’m fine with that and I’m fine with the people runnign Evolve on their C64s. But apart from that mandatory delay between matches, it feels like a lot of the downtime can be cut out. New players should definitely still have the option of seeing all the cinematics the first time, but by the time players have seen stuff 2-3 times, really they should just automatically default to express mode matchmaking (because it’s generally a bad idea to fragment matchmaking too much.)


yea loading sim 2015 ONLY DA BEST