Gameplay incentives


I’ve heard quite a bit of ideas and even some griping on this subject and I thought of some cool ideas.

You know how FPS games have hardcore modes and other penalties that are coupled with either better XP gains or just a way to flaunt your talents.

Well I think similar modes could be applied in Evolve. For instance, you could have challenge mode where hunters could vote to offer the Monster a buff at the very start of the match, kind of like a “This is how good we are, good luck chucklebutt” jab (would be great for custom games). The monster of course could do the same to the hunters. Not only would this give a buff, but it would give the party who voted for the buff an increase in XP at the end of the game, or add a percentage to the final amount of damage/actions done for level up. An extra “Revive teammate with med grenades” for instance.

The other idea would be a bigger incentive for the monster to win at level 1, 2 or at the soonest moment possible.

Right now the point of the game is for the monster to reach level 3. That is great and just fine, these are simply ideas. If something could be thought of that would be fun, and heck you guys might already have some in mind what with the full game not even released yet.

Thanks for listening, see you all on Feb. 10! :smiley:


Hmm, interesting idea, but i think it only should work in custom matches. And at the same time, i really think Custom matches shouldn’t give any XP or actually count towards any ranking system. That’s just how i see it. I’m not entirely saying NO, but that’s just how i feel right now on this, just that.