Gameplay glitches and freezes

it seems that there is more and more problems with the game freezing now. There’s also problems when I play with the monster where there is some magical force field that I just can’t move in certain areas of the map this just continues to keep happening which makes playing this game not fun at all. It’s very frustrating that the game doesn’t work properly and when you’re having a good game you to the end of it and then it freezes so you can 't complete the game then I always have to restart the application before I can play again and then the other issue like I said was when you’re playing as the monster and you can’t move into certain areas that you normally should like there’s something that’s invisible that’s preventing you from moving so it cuts the map off for you I don’t even know what it is but it’s happened to me several times anyway you can take this as a flame or you can take this as constructive criticism. My internet connection is usually running around 30 to 40 Mbps (its 100Mbps but you never get that right!) so with my internet connections I shouldn’t have any problems with lag or connectivity so take this for what it is


I use PS4. Some days ago I played Evolve and the game freezed. It blocked the entire operative system, and I had to shutdown playstation forcing the shutdown process with the power button.
This bug happened today to my brother’s ps4 too.

I don’t know what to do. I cannot play the game anymore with the risk to damage my console using force shutdown if this problem happens.
I must stop to play this game forever, and my brother too.
My other games of ps4 basically are playable, with minor bugs, with minor bugs (bugs, but MINOR, reasonable bugs).
Evolve is very very good in terms of graphics, innovation, etc. but it’s really unplayable with these critical problems.

With other ps4 games, I never have critical problems. NEVER.
Sorry for my poor English language, for my bad words, and for my frustration.

I’m completely frustrated.

And there are also random application crashes with Evolve gameplay… not only this freeze bug. And there are also graphics lags play, much more after last patch.

What I have to do ?!


I am still continuing to experience game freezes, played two games and both of them froze, is anyone else experiencing this?

Both times I was playing as behemoth