Gamemodes ideas


I really love this, game , i bought the pc monster race edition so i’m looking foward to new content ,especially new hunters and monsters , but also free content such as game modes and maps . But many people complain about the lack of content , this game truly needs new gamemodes and more content ( More challanges rewarded by usefull content in game such as a skin or weapon variable with the same stat but a complete other look , not just some background for profile icon… )

Here is some ideas :

Defence mode with the monster as the defender

, 3 destroyable “Queen eggs” as strong as the power sources from original defence mode , turrets remplace by 2 goliath minions defending the area around the egg , and the minions for the hunters are a squad of colonist/ebonstar soldier.

Top of the food chain

Basically a king of the hill mode , the monster starts stage 2 with no armor already on the zone , game last for 10 minutes with cycling area after 2mins , the winner will show his dominance forcing the other side to retreat. Making the monster level 2 at start to make him equally strong as the hunter pack in early game , then he gets a choice, standing on the zone to earn a little heads start or fleing the zone to get armor , as he gets to stage 3 hunters will have the chance to get points …It would give matches a lot of possibilities :smile:

V.I.P extraction

A scientist survived the rampage of the monster , the hunters are already in place with the V.I.P and have to wait for the evac’ , is the monster going to try to kill the scientist right ahead by focusing him or will he wait for his stage 3 ? ( If the monster reaches stage 3 too quickly the evac’ ship arrives immediately , forcing the monster to race for the win )

Last Stand

PvE game mode , following the event of the evacuation mode , waves of monsters are throw at the squad and are more and more stronger , how many monsters will you take down with you ?


The hunters find themselves with no backup , they are alone and a stage 3 monster is after them , the mosnters starts with a full armor , as there is no more food for him to eat ( fast action paced mode )

Face off

Stage 3 monster and 2 goliath minions VS Hunters and 6 ebonstars soldiers ( fast action paced mode )


A new mutagen prevents the monster from evolving , he as to stay away from the hunters as long as possible , after 10minutes a opportuny for the monster to escape will appear.

Some of you will considers this as crap but it is gamemodes that will prevent the game from “dying” and with a little balancing work it could be possible :wink:


The game hasn’t even been out for a week and people are already complaining that the game is dying. They ahve stuff on the way people just need to be patient


game isnt dying. your attention span is. and no game will sustain your attention span.

seems like a personal problem rather then a “dying game” problem


I’m not the one complaining , i played for 20hours and i still love the game , but a huge amount of people are complaining , i just want to throw out some ideas , i don’t believe those game modes would be hard to create and they would help a lot.


The game will die off much faster if they don’t fix the game breaking bugs (player stat reset, leaderboard reset, unlocked character reset, player level reset, etc) and Matchmaking. The content is fine, the game is amazing but these bugs HAVE to be the first fix, and fast.


The game isn’t dying but it will soon if there is no new content , and this game as a potential to have a long life ( like L4D ).


I’m with the OP on this one, TRS needs to throw out a game mode and couple of maps in the next month or so. As it stands; Nest is already down to a science, with Evac & Rescue not far behind. I’m also a big fan of the endurance/attrition suggestions :slight_smile: Would be interesting to see how many Waves you can hold out against by managing critter buffs and such.


if you posted this six months from now id be inclined to at least listen to you. game hasnt been out a week and already crying dying.

nope. game isnt dying its just weeding out the people who werent fit for it. Evolution is a bitch like that.


let them complain, they can go back to thier destiny and call of doodoo for all i care


Dude look at the statistic, the game never made it over 20K player peak…For a AAA game it’s kinda bad , i’m affraid, i paid 80 box for this and i don’t regret it , but if in 2/3 month i end up being one of the only user left…

I thought of Evolve as a game i will be playing even next year like i did with the L4D and other games, but if it keeps going on like things it would be impossible, even fanboys like you who can’t face the truth won’t be playing anymore.


That’s what makes me furious, this game brings something new and yet people complain…


For new modes:

Zoo mode: Defend a certain variety of animals from the monster, lead the tamed monsters to a building to be protected and send away, while the monsters objective is to kill the selected animals or kill the hunters

Ceo mode: Monster must do as much damage as he can to cause tremendous amounts of $$ loss to the planets colony. The hunters must stop the monster before the monster destroys the required $$ loss.

Prey mode: A new rare evasive creature has spawned on the map invisible or randomly generated looking like the other native creatures of shear…there are 5 options: hunters kill that creature, monster kills it, hunters kill the monster to get to the creature and the monster respawns as level 1, monster kills the hunters to get to the random camoflauged prey, or it draws

Queen mode: From the credits, kill the monster queen before the monster and minion kill you, but the minions will be random: Baby’s- goliath,kraken,wraith,behemoth,etc.

more to come from me soon…


Thier noobs bro let them go away while we enjoy our gameplay


what statistics? games been out for a week. starcraft has been out for years and it still has a strong solid player base. evolve is closer to SC2 then any of the other games. right now the game is in the weeding process.

If it weeds you id be more then excited “because its dying”.

You really come across as ungrateful and self entitled.

You should stop complaining until at least a month has passed. Half the people playing now are still learning how to not die as a stage three monster that ran all game. People are still learning how to work as a team effectively. Yet you come here complaining “the game will die”.


My nemesis mode was better ;’(