Gamemode: Test Your Luck


What I really want to see is a completely fun based party type mode with absolute chaos. I don’t know how much of my idea is technologically possible, but even just some of these ideas would be cool.
So basically it’s random of what gamemode its based off of. The teams would still have objectives but as you will see thinks won’t particularly be balanced.

  1. Monster abilities are chosen randomly, monster is chosen however
  2. Perks are chosen randomly
  3. Every 30 seconds each character gets a new perk added to them.
  4. Map effects(the ones from evac) would be random
  5. (The big one) The hunter classes would be random. So there could be 2 medics, a trapper and a support, or 4 medics, or 3 assaults and a support, who knows?
  6. (Another biggie) Every time the monster evolves, there is a 25% chance it will be a different monster coming out of the cocoon.
  7. (Another biggie) Also the hunters would scramble again, a spinning wheel would appear in ui and would randomize each hunter within their classes(so that way thrown domes stay up).

So it would be cool to see like 4 buckets if it randomizes right. After the classes are randomized players would still be able to choose a hunter from their randomized class. So hunter classes are scrambled and monster abilities are scrambled.
And the stacking perks. So in hunt, by the time you get to the relay, the monster might have 4 dmage increase buffs, but the medic might have 6 damage reduction perks! Or there might not be any medics!
So yeah, super party style game mode, wadddya think?

Evolve The Future of Game Modes ;D

Wait till 3 buckets plus 5 health regents and a laz with 7 reload speeds


But the monster would also have 5 ability cooldowns and 3 movement speeds. It would be CHAOS!


The only problem is it would destroy leaderboards part of the reason arena isn’t widely accepted


This would not count towers leaderboards in any universe. This is just a fun party mode dude! Best played in custom, in fact, it would probably only be custom, like a setting in each gamemode that could be turned on or off.


It’s cool don’t get me wrong just goes against a game based off balance love the idea though


Don’t you want to take a break from all this balance shmalance, aaaah it would be nice. Just turn on test your luck and have some fun, then turn it off, drink some baja blast, and go full hardcore final destination no items no smashball only fox.
thumbs up if you get the reference


Let’s not do that I’ve had my fair share of that for my life
I work there


Yes yes, must be interesting. Guess i wouldnt like it either


I’d love your game mode would be hillarious a great way to just chill and mess around


i know this wouldn’t be possible either but I’d love to see 2 monsters vs 8 hunters on a larger map, or even 2 sets of 4 hunters chasing 2 different monsters on the same larger map but not being able to shoot or interact with the other game, just as a visual thing


I need this now, this needs to happen, the hunter classes and monster type should change every evolve too


I really like this idea too. Behemoth goes inyo the cacoon and out comes a beautiful kraken flapping his wings.
It would be cool to have hunters change too. Whenever the monster evolves a spinner comes on ui saying CHARACTER ROULETTE and after evolve is over snap, characters change, which means if there is no trapper left, dome drops baby! :smile:
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