Gamemode Idea: Survival Horde Mode


The community wants a mode with two or more player controlled monsters. The game cannot support the amount of animals required to sustain said monsters, and even two stage 1 monsters are too strong for Hunters to deal with. So, what is my solution to this?

Horde Mode
Ebonstar Soldiers have been alerted to a small group of alphas on an isolated island. Troops Deployed to prevent Alphas from reeking havoc on the mainland. 3 Player Controlled monsters must fight horde beyond horde of troops.

  • 3 Player Co-Op
  • All players start as a Stage 3 monster with full armor. Players can mix and match from any of current monsters; 1 Goliath, 1 Kraken, 1 Behemoth, 3 Goliaths, 2 Wraith one Kraken, ect.
  • Each horde introduces 10 more Soldiers. Every 10 waves, two random ai hunters are unleashed. This means you could face Hyde and Torvald at once, or Cabot and Hank.
  • Every 25th round, a full team of hunters is deployed.
  • If monsters reach 100th round, all hunters are deployed.
  • Beyond this, Every round has a single hunter character and 10 more soldiers.
  • Round is unending, simply lasting until the monsters are dead.
  • Kills = Points, which can be bought to cause an effect like those in Evacuation to occur in the following match, or give the monster a random wildlife buff, or even a stage 1 monster of any breed or a helpful animal, like a nomad or armadon that only harms hunters.
  • Abilities recharge 5% faster with or without starter perk, abilities deal 5% more damage with or without masteries/starter perk.
  • Some abilities work differently in this mode -slightly-. For example, why get Decoy against a horde? Soldiers will all target that Decoy instead of the other monsters, allowing you to protect them and your self.

Now, why do I think this is a fantastic idea? Well:

  • No one complains about balance. While one monster might end up being more effective than another at certain parts, all can be used and since there are no hunter players they won’t complain.
  • No need for excessive animals. The game has been proven to handle multiple entities at one time, and the hunters can be eaten at the end to regain armor. Monsters do not need to evolve.
  • We get multiple monsters and everyone is happy.
  • Everyone’s favorite part of L4D was seeing how long you could survive in Survival Mode. Imagine the possibilities of this? Rock Wall to protect an injured wraith so it can feed, Abduct a hunter into an aftershock, ect.

Multi Hunt

I would enjoy this.


Wow this is a bit confusing… GOOD IDEA but confusing but when I was reading this I was reminded of the end cutscenes on evac. Where hoards of monsters are attacking the hunters but they kill them rapidly. Is that what you mean?


Could definitely be a lot of fun. Round spawns and other details could use some tweaking, but I do really like the idea of new modes and especially co-op modes.

Maybe have “supply drops” of some sort coming through minion-like portals. Pile of dead striders and maybe an occasional elite strolling in or something even.

I definitely 100% think that 2+ monsters or 5+ hunter modes should be limited to co-op only style play vs AI instead of 2 monsters vs 8 hunters or whatever other nonsense people keep thinking would be fun. Balancing for something like that would be next to impossible and they’d basically have to redesign the entire game around something like that. (sure it’d be cool for a game or two just goofing around, but on a regular basis it’d be dreadful.)


Sounds like 3 monsters fighting armies of humans


Sort of the opposite. Hordes of soldiers fighting 3 Monsters.

What @xino_zero said.


duuude this would be so awesome :smiley: pls turtle do dis


also it have been proven the game can run multiple monsters in one lobby without problems :stuck_out_tongue: there was a video with 2 wraiths in it i remember


right, and I think a survival/horde mode could be a lot of fun from that opposite view too (again, co-op only pls)! like, Team of 6-8 hunters vs AI monsters/minions.

Not sure the current maps would work for this mode or not though… maybe if sections were blocked off or something, but they may need to make new maps kinda like for defend.


Right, it’s not that it’s impossible to do technically… it’s just… that would be horrid from the hunters perspective and balancing 2v8 would be next to impossible (at least in the short term… that would probably take like a year or more of development to have be fun and a LOT of core game mechanics would need to change or be tweaked.)


I’ve seen one with 2 krakens


i was just talking about it being possible to have 3 monsters for the survival mode :stuck_out_tongue: i know it would be a pain in the ass to balance 8v2



okay, a lot of people saw that video and immediately jumped to "ZOMFG 3V12 NEEDS TO HAPPEN!@#$!


perhabs we can get 3v12 or even larger scales in the future (years) when everyone have super computers and evolve 2 is being made (evolve 2.0 or something have to happen at some point)


well, i don’t think it’s so much a technical issue as it would require a lot of redesign work. technicallly they could stuff 5 monsters and 20 hunters on a map with out too many performance issues… at least with higher end pcs or turning the visuals down a notch or 2… it’s more that you run into problems like, “how does having 2 domes work?” or “will the monsters have enough food?”… it also is much less of a hunt at that point and becomes much more MOBA-like since it’ll basically be a perpetual battle.
All the UI would need massive changes as 24 player name badges/health bars would be way too cluttered. Foot Prints would be nuts whenever a monster sniffed. Every single lobby screen and stuff would all need to be completely redone (look how tacked on the lobby UI for observer mode looks).

I know you’re not arguing those things don’t matter btw, that was more a reply to having super computers and stuff. :stuck_out_tongue:

Similar problems come from things like wanting to make Behemoth BIG compared to the others… if you notice he’s basically not taller at all than Goliath just because they have to be able to make him fit through doorways and holes and stuff. All the maps were designed with Goliath’s approximate size in mind so without reworking every single map they just can’t go any bigger than where they are. (which is sort of both a shame and a blessing, because going bigger and bigger and bigger isn’t really going to inspire creativity. having to make something new within the current constraints can be difficult, but also bring out some great new ideas.)


Co-op monster mode sounds awesome!


I had a similar idea when a poster talked about adding additional contents for the game.

Another idea was a GET TO THE CHOPPAH scenario where the monster will be the hunter not the hunted. After succeeding / or failing to defend the colony ship, the hunters were separated from each other during a hasty retreat from the monster horde. In this mode, the hunter who start scattered from their team mates must run like hell, regroup and hold out in a particular location till the cavalry arrive.

The monster who starts at stage 2 must hunt down the hunters before they regroup. If they did, he will have to evolve to stage 3 and stomp the group before dropship arrives.

Gamemodes will be staged in a new map that follows a left4dead style design.


I’m definitely for this idea. It seems like a lot of fun crushing waves of soldiers and what not.