Game won't run on fullscreen: help?


While skyping and playing Evolve a few weeks back I turned the video setting to “windowed”. Now, however whenever I’ve tried turning the game back to fullscreen, it changes correctly after which it asks the prompt, “keep current settings” but won’t let me hit the confirm button and then the game stops responding (so it turns back to windowed mode).The cinematic music still plays in the background but I can’t click or do do anything to the game.

I tried fixing this by changing the graphics settings to fullscreen in the Nvidia Geforce Experience application (and I’d like to mention all my drivers are up to date), but then the game boots up and shows nothing but a black screen.

Does anyone know of a fix for this?

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These are the guys that help a lot with bugs, hopefully they can set you straight :grin:


Try disabling the Geforce experience app. It’s not recommended to use that with Evolve.


Have you tried alt+enter? Should force it.

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@TheMountainThatRoars Can I tell you that I love you? I had even deleted and reinstalled the game and nothing had worked till now… Thanks so much, worked instantly :slight_smile:

Hadn’t realised Geforce would do that even when it isn’t “optimising” the game per say.


Oh you don’t need to disable the whole app. Just don’t use the “Optimize” feature where it claims to know the best settings for Evolve. It uses settings designed for Legacy (I presume, since it screws up on Stage 2, and didn’t before).

Delete User Data and it should go back to defaults.


You could try Ctrl+Alt+Del and click on Evolve icon

[quote=“TheMountainThatRoars, post:3, topic:106055”]
It’s not recommended to use that with Evolve.
[/quote]Game is running far better without it

I love you too, forum member! :point_up:

Also, ArPharazon says…

btw this is how you delete user data:

I’ve also had trouble with games in Fullscreen mode if I am currently running TeamViewer.
Not sure if that helps or not.