Game won't let me play multiplayer


I was playing tonight, waiting for hunters in Ranked, when the game says I have lost connection. I tried getting back in, but then kept on doing the same thing. I tried waiting a few hours, but that didn’t work. And then it locks all my DLC and variants except Jack (I fix that by opening the store). What should I do to fix it? Or is it just my wifi?

I was able to get one QP game in before all this started happening.


Seems to be temporary :slight_smile:

I can't play multiplayer


I shut down my console for 5 minutes and tried again. That didn’t work. Hopefully the servers are fixed really soon.

But at least I got in one Jack game and I have proof so if I don’t receive my skin, I can show 2K that I played.


Keep me updated if you would. I haven’t been able to play yet.


Ok. I haven’t played today, so I don’t know if the issue is fixed.


Ok, so it seems like this is just a wifi issue. I’ll check tomorrow to see if it is.