Game War: Destiny vs. Evolve

Destiny is better since it had mutiple things to do, replaybility and not a shitty DLC plan. BTW I love Evolve too

Excuse me?


Destiny locked endgame content behind paywalls, if that isn’t shitty DLC then idk what is.


That was unnecessary.
Also doesn’t Destiny have like a shit ton of exclusive DLC

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Both are becoming ridiculous with every update, it’s a coin toss. I like Evolve more though.

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Didn’t a thread get locked because of this same reason?

Ill take evolve over destiny any day


No Bungie stated that those were rough models of rooms that will later used as DLC, they did so they can make the expansions quicker and on the deadline

This thread is asking for flame bait.

I went out of my way to get Evolve. I’m only getting Destiny because they cancelled the Batmobile Edition of Arkham Knight and I had an extra 80 bucks to spend for pre-orders at GameStop and nothing better was available at the time.

No it just has like 3 weapons a armor set and a strike exclusive to ps4

I know. I’m talking about the year long exclusivity deal

Yeah… Should we call in the BIG GUNS?

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This is subjective, and I missed it.
I bring shame to my family.

Destiny doesn’t have a “DLC plan” they just offer pre-order/console exclusives and extra story through updates you have to pay for and then lock you out of multiplayer if you don’t cough up an extra $20 everytime they make an expansion.

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Yeah it is pretty ridiculous but it’s nothing to right home about because the gear they give is not as good as the stuff u get on both consoles

Ok, how do you feel about Evolve then? I would like to hear that.

U should really do your research before u put a comment like that smh

Yes, explain to me how free updates, modes, and low-priced skins and extra characters is shitty?

Its the first thing that comes up when you search “Destiny DLC”

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