Game to predictable?


First of all I want to start of saying this game can be a lot of fun. However, the higher level I go up the less dynamic it becomes and the more routine it seems.

The main goal seems to be to to take out the medic. In order for your damage to count, you have to get rid of any healers.

Lazarus. Its obvious that once a hunter dies he is going to make his way to the body. So any semi-conscious monster just needs to either A. Destroy the body or B. Camp the body and wait to get a double kill. This completely makes laz useless. Against a semi knowable Kraken who can spam lightening good luck reviving anyone ever. This can cause a chain effect. Since the hunters are like ants, strong together useless apart, one kink in the chain will cause the whole team to fail. So once a hunter is down or two its pretty much GG. The permanent health loss will only insure your late game defeat.

Second since the game seems to reliant on taking out the medic, the only viable means of protecting a medic is through a shield, which is my understanding comes from the support, which sadly only comes from one support, hank. I feel as though shielding a teammate is incredibly crucial to the role of support and needs to be there on every support. That way once the medic is getting hammered, a support can shield to draw some attention away from the medic in every game, not just some. Classes don’t really seem to specialize, and that wouldn’t be an issue if balancing wasn’t so important. Support aside from hank seems to drift away from its main goal with the other two, taking on tracking abilities that I feel could be perhaps should be left off to trapper.

Then there are your monsters, but I feel like enough attention has been made to the issues of the monsters like Kraken and Wraith so I won’t talk about them.


Well concerning Laz, if you want to camp a body for a minute and get melted by the team, good for you then. :>


So you think the only way to defend a medic is hanks shield? What about stasis grenades? Harpoon traps? Griffins harpoon gun? Mines? Toxin grenades? A parnell jumping your face? An orbital strike? Damage amp? Turrets?

You should get the point. There’s a lot more ways to defend your medic. If the monster wants to train through some of that garbage to kill the medic then it’s usually going to be a worthwhile trade.


Notice I said viable. What I mean by it is most successful. All those can delay, slow or maybe even sometimes prevent damage, but a shield is the only thing that will guarantee to block damage, no matter how dedicated a monster is at taking you out.

Against ranged attacks what good are any of those things at protecting the medic.


The medics jetpack is what should stop the medic from getting hit. At all times. There are very few attacks in the game that extend beyond a double jetpack jump.


Again nothing is as sure as a shield. You can take damage during any of the jet packing escapes. I know cause I main medic and have the 55% increase in jetpack reload. I’m sure I"m not the best but the only time you have a chance is against the Goliath. Any of the other two can follow or get you mid air.


you do realize you can hit them enough when their shielded to where you start hitting though the shield or you’ll knock them out of its range don’t you?


Sure not even a shield lasts, but its the most effective and I think it should be on every support.


i can tell you that by far that poison cloud that cabot makes is far more annoying than the shield generator, at least i can attack hank to prevent the shield.


At least that gives the medic some time to recover and you’d still have the medic who should then do the job of healing you in return.
And I never said to have the gas cloud replaced.


Taking out the medic in a lot of situations is a good idea. However, there are alternative ways to go about killing the hunters. You can’t just say that one way is the be all end all. You can dismantle the team as the monster in different fashions. If you can catch the medic out of position and go to town on him, do it. He’s a very valuable target. That being said, most medics and teams will definitely make you pay for it and sometimes the price will end up losing you the game. It’s hard to come up with a general strategy for how to go about killing the hunters because every tactic has its downsides. If you focus the medic and it takes too long to get him downed/killed, then you leave 3 other than can deal massive amounts of damage. If you focus the support, then you run the risk of the medic making all your damage moot. This is the reason why you can’t just say one way is the best way. Instead, I think you should adapt to the fight and how it’s progressing and implement all the tactics you know to win. There’s no need to get tunnel vision and force yourself into one strategy.

And try to think as the other supports abilities as shields that just work in different ways. If a monster is focusing the medic, Cabot can lay on his damage bonus that lets the assault deal a ton more damage. This can force the monster away from the medic due to him taking way too much damage. Buckets turrents can protect his team and any downed teammate in the area. Five turrents can shred a monsters hp or armor. Just think as the other supports abilities as shields that indirectly protect the team. Sorry for the long post.


I think part of your problem is you always from the sound of it go about this roughly the same way, try varying your strategy a bit, I had a goliath game recently against a pre made team and early on they were amazing at keeping the pressure on and I really couldn’t do anything so I opted to surprise them with an ambush, I set up my tracks so they lead straight to me on a cliff and as luck would have it lazuris checked it for an easy pounce kill, this one thing changed the game as it gave me breathing room and the hunters struggled after this, sometimes breaking the routine in this game works amazingly as many hunters don’t expect it, I agree its sad but you were right as to how medics should be handled but they don’t have to be handled that way every time, hopefully this helps a bit


Cabot does not have a poison cloud. Cabot has dust cloud, no damage. Hyde has a poison cloud, does damage and slow.