Game testing?


Are trs doing some work?
I’ve had 4 behemoth fights in a row freeze game during fissure animation in a row
So confused right now
My poor bob frozen and sliding round arms in air looked ridiculous


I’m pretty sure they’re working on it. They wouldn’t ignore the major bugs. ^.^


very optimistic there :smiley: - there are bugs since release wich are completly game breaking, yet not been fixed. Armory in example still manages sometimes to make hunters stuck if they got knocked back into air and then u sit there and watch the rest of the game while you are flying / falling around in air.


I’m actually pessimistic in real life. But honestly, they’ve attempted to fix quite a few bugs. But they continue to get more, which is why I said; I’m sure they’re working on it.

If you think you can fix all of their bugs for them, why not tell them? ^.-


cuz im pessimistic as much as possible if it comes down to todays games.i got plenty of games wich could be soo much better but all have the same issues like evolve has :slight_smile: (pointing over to battlefield 4 or natural selection 2…).


Yeah no prob. Just wondered as ots usually rare