Game stop gun skin


What do you guys think


i don’t think we’ve seen the owner of the bottom left gun

EDIT: wait nope it’s maggie’s


As long as it’s just a weapon skin I couldn’t care less, personally. Now, if it were an exclusive map, hunter, or monster that’d be a different story. It wouldn’t make me GET the game at GameStop (I generally avoid that place if I can, especially with digital download becoming more of a thing), but it’d definitely frustrate me a lot more than an exclusive skin does.


It reminds me of halo 4 hazop armor


I think they look cool, but im interested in the 4th monster


Im saying this is what the woepen skins look like and I can get this and the 4 th monster so yea


I think Game are probably doing the best pre-order deal, went through turtle rock’s website to Game and got the 4th monster exclusive dlc when released, but also get immediate access to the tier 2 hunters.


And if the next teir hunters unlock after a single match of each hunter? The value of this bonus will be determined by how long unlocking tier 2 hunters would be normally


I think that’s pretty much what most of the physical preorders get. I know that if you preorder through amazon you get the 4th monster, instant access to the 2nd tier of hunters, and a new skin for Goliath.


I would personally love to see some footage of the savage goliath skin in action.


I was going to pre-order from Game, but I’d prefer to actually unlock the tier-two’s myself. I think I’m going to wait a little longer before pre-ordering though, if there’s a collector’s edition announced then I’ll get that.


Oh that’s pretty cool then I wasnt sure if it was a game exclusive, I guess they would have the monopoly if they was! Lol


With most retailer’s they will let you upgrade your pre order to the collector’s edition, I know “Game” offer this.


Oh really? I never actually knew that. I might order from GameStop since you get the cool new skins as well as the Monster Expansion Pack, I just don’t know if they still offer the exterminator skins in the UK


Although I will play with the first tier of hunters before touching tier 2, I want to get the full evolve experience.


But you get it all for 60 dollars so I got it and it say I get the 4 th monster two


I like the color. It is a small and insignificant perk but I would use that weapon skin over the standard colors.


It looks pretty underwhelming TBH . Its just the same gun model with some orange splashed on it. I kinda don’t mind actually, since I’d hate to miss out on a cool skin for not pre ordering through gamespot (most likely I’ll preorder through steam).


I want crazier skins than this.

Don’t have to be COD level of ridiculous, or silly, but I want something that makes me go “wow” and not “oh, ok”.

Borderland’s gun skins would be a good example:

I also seriously hope we can unlock the basic colors(red, blue, yellow, green, purple, pink, black, white, brown, grey, gold, etc.) for the guns, they seem easy to do compared to full on re-skins.


I like this. It is styeish, and more importantly doesn’t alter gameplay, and is an extra reason to per order. I don’t like gamestop, just as a general principal from how they operate, but I believe their preorder is optimal as they have the gun skins, goliath skin, bonus monster, and free upgrade to collector’s edition if available.