Game stills needs more content


I came back to this game due to the free launch, but all i see is like 2 new monsters and a couple more hunters…

I honestly expected at least 2 variations on every (basic?) monster and hunter since the game has been out for like a year =/.

Also are the variations just stronger versions of themselves? I see no reason to pick the goliath over the meteor goliath.

Kudos to the monster designs though, all 5 monsters feel really different and awesome


OG Goliath has much higher burst damage than his meaty counterpart, whereas Meaty trades that burst for better DoT and AoE damage in general. They are distinct and neither is a direct upgrade to the other.


Are you honestly kidding me? All this content in a free to play model… I think we’re fine for now.


New variations will be coming soon according to the Devs and no, the variations are not stronger versions, just look at Del’s example :slight_smile:


Not being f2p previously and having equal platform release updates caused a lot of delays in them releasing content I would believe.


Don’t worry buddy :wink: content is coming. Consider that we are still in stage 2 beta. Let the devs fix everything and then they will give us everything you want :slight_smile:

… but not a cake for Bob
Sad Bob face

  1. There’s already a fuckton of content.
  2. More content is coming in the future.
  3. Because of how small the playerbase is, TRS doesn’t really have the moolah to make new content very quickly.


Little under 25k now is not small. The problem is that there is literally no income for Evolve right now. TRS has what 2K feels comfortable with giving them to provide content until they develop a steady cash flow.


They are already doing it by opening diners and cooking thunder chickens… the most “electrifying” eating experience by TRS. Kappa