Game sound files?


I’m interested in making a video soon regarding how to navigate Evolve by sound. I have at least one friend who can’t distinguish when a monster is sniffing or walking near him and I know that a lot of newbies can’t easily discern the noise of a monster they rarely if ever play. I’d also like to play some other important noises, like the spotter shriek and the warning sounds that wildlife makes before it charges. Is there a way in which I can access these sound files easily?


I believe the files are encrypted, so no I believe


As LordDerp said, the files are encrypted. The best you could do is to record them happening in game and make your video that way.

Best of luck though. I hope it works out in the end.

Edit: I’ve also changed the category to ‘general’ as this is not a suggestion. :wink:

Hope you don’t mind.


Well then, we just have to crack the encryption!


I mean, I meant it as a suggestion. Can TRS provide these files, or a way to play them independently?


Oh ok then. My bad. Still, the suggestions topic is for suggestions to improve your experience playing evolve. :wink:

You can ask I suppose. I’ll tag @MacMan, see what he says.


I can’t actually extract the sound files, but I do have a process that makes extremely accurate replicas of them. Feel free to add me on steam or PM me here if you want to talk specifics.