Game slows to a crawl in a match

My laptop has been able to run Stage 2 effortlessly up until yesterday, when suddenly everytime I’ve gone into a match, whether it’s online or even offline the framerate slows to a crawl and makes the game unplayable.

It just started to do that without warning yesterday.

Please help.

try updating your driver.

im on laptop too. i used only certified drivers but recently i tried one of the latest one, it helped a lot. so just go get one of the fixed, non beta update.

also if youre on nvidia, please check the gpu settings for the particular game. focus on performance, read every settings.

I have absolutely no idea what driver I’m using, nor do I know how to find out.

Not sure, actually. I can’t remember the name of the model my laptop is, but I think it’s an Intel card.

you can either click here:

or go to my computer and right click properties.

once you have the name, google for the latest version. install. --not all the times latest driver can help. you can first find your laptop brand’s support page, for your model. it should provide drivers there, albeit old but try those first. if dont help, only find the latest ones.

you need to check other things too

like --laptop’s power /battery mode

–lower your game settings. up to the point of lower resolution if needed
–google directx
check this out too:

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It’s an MSi model. It’s got the Intel sticker, but I was probably wrong and stupid as usual. I really have no idea what my card is.

I am going to, I just wanted to respond first. Jeez, I’m sorry.

My card is an Intel® HD Graphics 530, it says.

No change whatsoever.

Thanks for your help anyway. I appreciate it.

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It’s a gaming laptop?



It sounds like you’re using the motherboard gpu instead of the gaming gpu. Can you share a link to the laptop specs?

Uhh, sure. Though I’m not sure if the info stays if I give the link, but what the hell, it’s worth a shot.

It doesn’t. You’d need to screenshot it. But I was more looking for a store listing of what it should be running.

Okay, you’ve lost me here, sorry.

Something like this

But with your laptop info

Okay, I’ll see if I can find something like that. It’s gonna take a little while, as I have some work to do. I’ll get you the info ASAP.

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Never mind, I re-updated the driver and it’s all A-OK again. Thanks for helping, though!

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