Game si buggy and broken


The hit detection on this game is a joke at times, also the fact the people are clearly boosting ech other and playing correctly.

I dont understand how the game has gone this way with Beta test in a retail environment.

I even loaded up as a monster in FPS mode but could not do anthing, also once I could not even jump…

Its a shame the game has come to an average online game.


That’s the wrong category, moved it to just bugs and do you have an actually bug report? Saying the hit detection is joke sometimes doesn’t help anyone recognize and fix an issue.


It speaks for it self it likes when your hitting the monster or vice versa people are not taking damage.

Or there is a huge delay, I have been in 7 games tonight that say ‘Perfoamce issues gameplay maybe effected’ this is a joke as is this game not on dedicated servers?


Here is a vid of ne thing i had -