Game runs fine, lobby and menu screens freeze


I don’t think this necessarily counts as a bug, more like an issue I’ve been having. In the main menu and during the loading screen to enter the game I will more often then not encounter a brief freeze. The game screen will freeze for around 25 to 35 seconds where I can still hear the music and can still move the mouse or hit escape, but nothing on the screen will change, no buttons will highlight if I move the cursor over them and etc. One thing that seemed strange to me was hitting escape would lead the the Leave lobby prompt to pop up once the game had unfrozen, as if the action went through but there was no visual confirmation until the game unfreezes. The way I’ve been playing was I try to go through the menus as fast as I can in order to join a lobby and get in the queue and It’ll probably freeze until I get to the character picking part, then I have a few seconds to select my character and gear before it freezes. Then It’ll randomly freeze until I’m dropping in the game, game runs perfectly smooth. I am so confused.


i have this same problem… the freezing also occurs during matches too. this has also been happening in the alpha and beta. no clue why they haven’t fixed it.


Same problem here on PS4. 1 or 2 of every 5 games get a freezing screen on loading map, loading player selection or when starting a cinematic. This long freeze issue prevents you from choosing character and perk. And when you play the monster… you start directly with half of your HP bar and all 4 hunters killing a standard lvl1 statue-like Goliath… Or sometimes this freezing happens at the ending cinematic on evacuation game giving you a super 0 exp prize for playing 60+ minutes