Game Recommendation: Helldivers


I recently got this game, Helldivers, from Steam during the summer sales, with all of its DLCs at only $14.

For those of you who like co-op PvE games like Evolve (in a way), Left 4 Dead 1 and 2, Borderlands 1 and 2, Killing Floor 1 and 2, Payday 2, this is a 4-player co-op 3rd person shooter game where you have 12 levels of difficulty to choose from, and you go to many planets to accomplish many missions there - often, they involve killing lots and lots of enemies (about 25 types of enemies + 3 types of bosses) from 3 factions, and has LOTS of weapons and perks and customisation to choose from.

I got this game, and so far I have been hooked, and it is one of the rare games that I actually feel like playing on and on. If you haven’t seen this game yet, be sure to give it a try!


Hadn’t heard of this before, thanks for bringing it up. Looks pretty cool. I like the tongue-in-cheek narrator for the trailer


How about a cup of liber-tea!
Hell divers is a great game, after having killed my allies too many times from land mines and stray grenades, I can certainly vouch for it :stuck_out_tongue:


Looks very similar to alien swarm.