Game randomly crashes :(

Ever since evolve went F2p i’ve put around 20hrs so i obviously having fun with it, however after 2 matches the game crashes. this mainly happens in between the drop ship conversation and the loading that precedes it. Has this been happening to anyone? i saw a post made on the steam forums but the devs must have missed it (or just ignored it maybe) so i wanted to post it here. hopefully i can get some kind of resolution or some acknowledgement by the devs.

I’ve experienced 2 Crashes Offline In Legacy where I was just playing the game and it just went to Windows. no Error Pop-Up or anything it just stopped.

the best "solution (and i use the term loosely) is to restart your game after every match. it seems to only happen if you play consistent games :frowning:

Go through this post; if it isn’t solved by anything here then it’s an issue on your end that the Devs don’t have the means to fix

Do you crash after 2 matches 100% of the time?

not all the time sometimes i get a 3rd game but then it just crashed mid game :frowning:

i have to ask though surely the devs are trying to optimize the game for most types of computers right?