Game Price Discussion?


So far I think $49.99 is a pretty attractive price tho, I know that this game gonna kick serious butts in terms of quality and gameplay

$60 for a game these days feels little bit too insane in my opinion, you see that company with big reputation always go with top-notch price, but when you actually see the product for yourself, it really only stay there (you know what i’m saying)
I’m just getting sick and tired of buying those kind of games which heavily focus on commercial and bring the wrong kind of hype you thought you’d expect heavy breathing

What do you think about Evolve’s pricing ? I’d welcome well thoughts and reasonable opinions here :3


I think $60 is a reasonable price for this game, if you don’t want to pay $60 you can wait a few months for a price drop.


It’ll be $60. I’d be happy with cheaper but I doubt it. Plus, evolve should be worth it


The most I’d pay for Evolve is £60. I think anything above that is an unreasonable price


Also TRS said we won’t have to pay for map dlc so I think $60 is a pretty good price, if it’s any lower I’ll be surprised!


The actual price isn´t really a problem for me, so even if its really 60€ I will buy it. Only problem I have so far are the different goodies pre-orders nowadays offer. So one shop gives you this little bonus and the next shop gives you a completely different bonus. Hope that TRS/2k offers the same goodies on every shop.


I’d be willing to pay over £60 for a special edition with plenty of Evolve goodies


I’d pay everything I have just for that massive Goliath model they had at PAX!

No room for it though. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It’s completely fair. Games are some of the best dollar/hour value entertainment out there.

Plus, games have been going up to $60 because everything else is going up in price. Inflation and all that, not to mention the cost of making a AAA game goes up due to needing better graphics, people expect more advanced game systems to interact with, like AI and physics, and so that will cost more.


^This, so much.

Games are very expensive to make these days, and that is part of the reason so many titles are lacking in quality. Games back in the ps1/n64 days retailed at $50, yet here we are around 20 years later and games are only $10 more. The price of game production now compared to back then has grown exponentially due to aspects of games like Delta mentioned.

Personally, I’d rather the price of games go up, so companies could afford bigger budgets. I don’t buy every game that comes out anyway, so I could afford the price hike, and when I play a game I want it to be an amazing, professional, and quality product.

I know this isn’t going to happen, but if I had things my way, that’s how I’d prefer it.


Yup, agreed. If a $10 price hike meant more QA before release (less bugs, better experience at launch) or a few more hours of content, I’d gladly pay it.


How can anything offer more than endless replayability? Lol


Replayability and content are not the same thing.

I’ll use Evolve as an example.

Replayability is a testament to a games fun factor basically. You keep playing the “same” thing over and over again because it’s fun. As in, you keep playing Evolve’s multiplayer because it is awesome. Hopefully lol

Content has to do with the amount of stuff you can replay. With Evolve, content is stuff like maps, monsters, hunters, modes, etc.

The truth is, replayability is ALWAYS infinite, but whether or not you continue to replay has to do with your interest in the content.

Replayability and content are closely related, but definitely not the same thing.


Thank you for clearing that up, however, game industries have been charging ppl more than 60 for their games since ps3, maybe longer. That’s really all dlc is is the company trying to make more money, the only difference is dlc isn’t required to play the game, just to get the full experience


Interesting topic… I did some research, because honestly I don’t remember a time when console games weren’t somewhere between 50-60 USD. Some N64 games were actually 70 USD. I found this article on IGN which I thought might add something to the discussion…

Excerpt from the article…

I’ve made the argument over the last few years that games are essentially cheaper than they’ve ever been. An NES game in 1990 cost, on average, about $50. That’s $89 in 2013 money. Your $70 N64 cartridges in 1998 would require the equivalent of $100 today. Heck, the $50 PlayStation 2 game you bought in 2005 is worth $60, the exact price of a typical retail game in 2013. This isn’t to say that salaries (or hourly pay) have kept up with inflation and the cost-of-living – it decidedly hasn’t – but it is to say that, dollar-to-dollar over the past 35 years, gaming hardware and software is generally cheaper than ever.

The whole article…


Those who (luckily) will buy it on steam because they have a monstruous PC may await Steam solds, don’t you think ?
By the way, it’ll be surely cheaper on PC, as usual.


Recently there’s news from the former Bulletstorm Dev also talking about the game prices of 2014, here:
$60 for a Game in 2014 Is “Insane,” Former Bulletstorm Dev Says


If this is the game that its billed to be, I would be more than comfortable paying $60. I think there is an old mindset that games must check off a list of features to justify X pricetag. Even if some of those features suck. I think if Evolve can deliver a stellar multiplayer then that’s all the justification it needs for the price tag.

And of course inflation. A $60 game in the N64 era would be $90 today! Heck $60 game today is equivalent to a $45 from 2001!

I think the recent tidal wave of very inexpensive indie and F2P games has obscured the actual costs of making AAA games in the minds of players. But I don’t think players will ever be ok with spending more than $70 on a game. Thats more of a mental hurdle, than monetary one. Which is why so many developers have resorted to DLC and other forms of monetization of their game.


Some games go $50 on PC and full price ($60) on console either next-gen or previous, I hope Evolve take that sweet spot for PC lol


Evolve is $59.99 on Amazon for pre-order.