Game play, smooth and amazing!


Game set on highest resolution and detail. Runs like a dream, extremely impressed and can’t wait for the official release.
Question, will there be a collectors edition? With a big fat golith statue!


I’m running on an AMD 6300 @ 4ghz, with an Nvidia 660ti. Not the greatest specs, but I feel like a game coming out for PC should be able to run smoothly with it. Evolve is kind of playable on the lowest settings, but performance is really not that great for me. I feel like the game is a bit too intensive as is. What are you running?


Thank you!


Crossfire radeon 7000 series total 8mb ddr5. 32m ddr3 ram. 8 core 4.6ghz pros. Comp is overa year old :frowning:


Yeah it runs great and I love that it has dedicated servers, I’ve only seen lag once and I’m not sure if it was because the person was using a lag switch or what.


Running a AMD FX 4100 quad core 3.6 GHz and Radeon HD 7700 series with 8 gigs of ram and playing on the lowest settings is still dropping frames hard. I would not call it playable.


i5 2500k w/ 660 Ti here. Performance is acceptable on low settings but there’s an occasional hitch now and then.


amd fx8320 at 4.3 ghz with r9 270 overclocked to 1050mhz… getting solid 60 fps highest settings with vsync off and anti aliasing set to lowest… Great game cant wait for next beta!!