Game places one of my party members as a monster


Platform: ps4

So I have had this problem from launch. Everytime me and my roommate play evolve ( which happens rarely anymore) we form two player party and pretty much everytime we try to play, atleast once one of us is placed as a monster in ongoing game.

Either of us doesn’t really even want to play as a monster, which is our 5 choice in game.

This bug really breaks whole concept of playing in party in game like this which is trying to encourage to teamplay…


It also happened to me 2 days ago.


Happens to me almost every time i go in with 1 other person doesnt bother me too much but it is annoying and not how its supposed to work so i hope theyre working on it


It could be that you are playing against a party of three people so it makes the smaller party flip a coin for monster. If it happens every game though it’s probably a bug. It has only happened once or twice on the X1


Yeah true, but then game shouldn’t even put us in ongoing game like that which leads us to broken matchmaking of this game…


I got thrown out once from a match, don’t know why. But I got invited back in, even though my spot was free it threw me in as a monster even though I was playing with someone I knew.
I exited the match and we tried again, same thing happened.
Exited the game, started it up and left while it got ready. By the time I got back I was in the guys match as a monster again. He hadn’t sent an invite, and I hadn’t even touched anything except “play” in steam.